VOL. 33 · NO. 2 | 2007/2008
Front Matter
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), (2007/2008) Open Access
No abstract available
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), (2007/2008) Open Access
No abstract available
D. H. Armitage
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 275-278, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Harmonic function, Liouville theorem, 31A05
Nikolaos Efstathiou Sofronidis
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 279-284, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: same kind, turbulence, 03E15, 40A99
F. S. Cater
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 285-290, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Continuous function, locally compact space, lattice, 26A15, 54D30, 54D45
Mikhail G. Plotnikov
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 291-308, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: dyadic group, multiple Haar series, multiple Walsh series, dyadic derivative, Perron type integral, Fourier formulae, Sets of uniqueness, 42C25, 26A39
F. S. Cater
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 309-316, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: unilateral derivative, bilateral derivative, metric space, 26A24, 26A45
Maciej Malicki
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 317-322, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: separable Banach spaces, Polishable subspaces, 46B99, 03E15, 22A99
Christian Richter
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 323-338, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: bivariate function, quasicontinuous with respect to one coordinate, symmetrically quasicontinuous, step function, uniform limit, 54C08, 41A30
Ján Borsík
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 339-350, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: continuity, Quasicontinuity, Cliquishness, upper and lower quasicontinuity, 26A15, 54C08, ‎54C30
Pratulananda Das, Prasanta Malik
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 351-364, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: double sequences, statistical convergence, statistical variation, $I$-variation, $I$ and $I^*$-convergence, 40A05, 40C99
Zbigniew Grande
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 365-374, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: graph convergence, uniform and pointwise convergence, continuity, Quasicontinuity, Cliquishness, almost continuity, Darboux property, 26A15
Mohammad Sal Moslehian, Ghadir Sadeghi
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 375-384, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: generalized Hyers-Ulam stability, cubic functional equation, non-Archimedean space, $p$-adic field, 39B22, 39B82, ‎46S10
Z. Daróczy
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 385-394, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Functional equations, measurability, 26B99, 39B22
A. Linero Bas, J. S. Cánovas, G. Soler López
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 395-404, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: involutions, closed subgroups, difference and functional equations, 39B22, 26A18
Julie O’Donovan
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 405-416, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: regulated functions, discontinuous functions, 26A15, 54C35‎
Charles Coppin, Philip Muth
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 417-430, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Stieltjes integral, 26A42
Pratulananda Das, B. K. Lahiri
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 431-442, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: ideal, filter‎, net, $I$-convergence, $I^*$-convergence, $I$-cluster points, condition (DP), 40A30, 40A99
Corneliu Ursescu
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 443-448, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: anomalous tangency, 49J52
D. K. Ganguly, Piyali Mallick
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 449-456, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: $\mathcal{E}$-cluster point, $\mathcal{E}$-continuity, Quasicontinuity, $B$-continuity, Baire continuity, $ B^{*}$-continuity, semi-continuity, subcontinuity, weak-subcontinuity, $\mathcal{E}$-cluster multifunction, densely continuous form, 26A15, 54C08
D. K. Ganguly, Ranu Mukherjee
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 457-466, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Approximate full cover, variational integral, approximate variational integral, density point, $\Delta$-division, GAP-integral, Saks-Henstock Lemma, 26A39
Ehrhard Behrends, Stefan Geschke, Tomasz Natkaniec
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 467-470, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: local extremum, Continuous function, 26A15, ‎54C30
Quốc-Anh Ngȏ, Feng Qi, Ninh Van Thu
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 471-474, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: integral inequality, generalization, the second mean value theorem for integrals, 26D15
David Rose, Ben Thurston
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 475-482, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: measure based lower density space, category based lower density space, maximal resolvability, extraresolvability, feeble topological property, feeble homeomorphism, 28A05, 54A10, 54C08
F. S. Cater
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 483-484, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: absolutely continuous, increasing, derivative, 26A46, 26A24
No abstract available
O. Zindulka
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 485-486, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Cantor set, monotone space, $\sigma$-monotone space, 54E35, 54E45
No abstract available
E. Talvila
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 487-488, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Riemann integrable, 26A42
No abstract available
Paul D. Humke
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 489-490, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: measurable functions, 26A03, ‎54C30
No abstract available
H. Fejzić
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 491-492, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: linear recurrence relation, measurable set., 26A12
No abstract available
Jaroslav Smítal
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 493-494, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: iterative functional equation, equation of invariant curves, general solution, 26A18, 39B12, 39B22
No abstract available
Pieter C. Allaart, R. Daniel Mauldin
Real Anal. Exchange 33 (2), 495-496, (2007/2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: fixed point, {}
No abstract available
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