VOL. 34 · NO. 1 | 2008/2009
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Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), (2008/2009) Open Access
No abstract available
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), (2008/2009) Open Access
No abstract available
Zoltán Buczolich
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 1-16, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: ergodic theorem, maximal inequality Furstenberg averages, bilinear Hardy-Littlewood maximal function, 37A05, 28D05, 37A50, 47A35
Andrei E. Ghenciu
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 17-28, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Gauss-like continued fractions, Hausdorff dimension, dimension spectrum, 37A45, 37C45
Luca Motto Ros
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 29-48, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Baire class 1 functions, Delta functions, Lipschitz functions, 03E15, 54H05
René Erlín Castillo, Eduard Trousselot
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 49-60, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Riesz p-variation, (p,α)-bounded variation, 26A45, 26B30, 26A16, 26A24
Michelle L. Knox
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 61-68, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: conditional completeness, P-space, density topology, ‎54C30, 26A15
Ursula M. Molter, Leandro Zuberman
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 69-86, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hausdorff measures, Fourier transform, dimension, Plancherel, 42B10, 28A80
Santwana Basu, N. D. Chakraborty
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 87-104, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Banach space, tensor integrable, vector measure duality, 46G10, 28B05, 46B99
Rafał Zduńczyk
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 105-114, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: local system, intersection condition, I-approximate continuity, I-density topology, 26A03,26A15, 26A03
Krzysztof Płotka
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 115-126, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Darboux functions, Hamel functions, Sierpi:::'nski-Zygmund functions, 26A15, 03E50, 03E75
Thomas Fowler, David Preiss
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 127-138, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Lipschitz functions, sets of non-differentiability, 26A27
Robert W. Vallin
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 139-146, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: pointwise limit, separate continuity, Joint continuity, Porous sets, 26B05, ‎54C30
Russell A. Gordon
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 147-156, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Peano derivative, Legendre polynomial, 26A24
Keith Neu
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 157-170, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Archimedean set, Banach measure, measure, shading, nonmeasurable set, translation invariant, 28A12
A. Boccuto, D. Candeloro, B. Riečan
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 171-194, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Riesz spaces, GH_k integral, compact topological spaces, convergence theorems, 28B15, 28B05
Alexandru Mihail
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 195-206, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: iterated function system, iterated multifunction system, connected set, arcwise connected set, attractor, 28A80, 54D05, 47H10, ‎54C60‎
Tomasz Natkaniec
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 207-214, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: additive function, derivation‎, almost continuity, extendability, algebraically independent sets, 26A15, 54C08
Enrico Zoli
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 215-218, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: zero--infinity laws, Hausdorff and packing measures, Scaling property, Z-invariant sets, translation-invariant metric measures, 28A12, 28A78, 11J83
S. S. Volosivets
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 219-226, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: absolute convergence, moduli of smoothness, generalized Lipschitz classes, 42A10, 41A25
M. G. Grigoryan, A. A. Sargsyan, R. E. Zink
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 227-238, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: greedy algorithm, Schauder expansion, 42C10
Vincenzo Scalzo
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 239-248, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: pseudocontinuous functions, order-preserving functions, continuous numerical representations of binary relations, 91B02, 91B08
Shingo Saito
Real Anal. Exchange 34 (1), 249-254, (2008/2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: continuity points, typical functions, 26A15, 26A21
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