VOL. 22 · NO. 1 | 1996/1997
Front Matter
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), (1996/1997) Open Access
No abstract available
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 1, (1996/1997) Open Access
No abstract available
Genqian Liu
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 105-121, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: linear functionals, Henstock-Kurzweil integral, strong bounded variation, 26A39, 26A42, 26B30
Shusheng Fu
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 122-141, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: fractional integral, fractional derivative, Hausdorff derivative, Lipschitz number, singular function, Cantor type set, 26A33, 28A75, 26A39, Hausdorff integral
H. Joyce
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 142-152, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Measure and Integration, 28A75
Miklós Laczkovich, Imre Z. Ruzsa
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 153-166, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: sumsets, ejective sets, 28A99, 26D15, 43A25, 28C10
Jan Malý
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 167-173, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Darboux property, differentiable, gradient, 26B05
Isidore Fleischer
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 174-176, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Vitali convergence, Henstock integral, 26A39
Aleksander B. Kharazishvili
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 177-183, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: transformation group, quasiinvariant measure, nonmeasurable selector, 28A05, 28A20
E. Russell Love
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 184-200, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Fourier-Legendre series, Bounded variation, Dini condition, 26A33
T. H. Steele
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 201-212, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: ω limit set, Lipschitz function, 26A18
Miljenko Crnjac, Boris Guljaš, Harry I. Miller
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 213-224, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Cantor set, Steinhaus and Piccard Theorems, 28A05
P. Holický, J. Malý, C. E. Weil, L. Zajíček
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 225-235, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: gradient, measure, 26B05
William D. L. Appling
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 236-264, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: integral existence characterization, bounded difference quotient variation, convex decomposition, 28A25
Thomas S. Salisbury, Juris Steprāns
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 265-278, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: integral existence characterization, bounded difference quotient variation, convex decomposition, 28A25
Harvey Rosen
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 279-283, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: extendable connectivity function, associated set, almost continuous function, uniform limit, 26A15, 54C08
Dariusz Banaszewski
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 284-291, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Darboux function, additive function, universally bad Darboux function, maximal additive family, 26A15, 26A51‎
Richard C. Brown, Don B. Hinton, Alois Kufner
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 292-317, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: weighted inequalities, weighted Sobolev space, interpolation inequalities, 26D10, 46E30
Benedetto Bongiorno, Luisa Di Piazza, Valentin Skvortsov
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 318-327, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Perron integral, basis of differentiation, variation, 26A39, 26A42, 26A45
Ján Borsík
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 328-337, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Quasicontinuity, Cliquishness, sums, 54C08, ‎54C30
Martin Dindoš
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 338-345, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Transfinite sequences, Martin’s axiom, Continuum hypothesis., 40A30, 46G05, 03E50
Chris Freiling, Robert W. Vallin
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 346-349, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: first return recovery, Baire class one, 26A03, 26A15, 26A21
Thierry De Pauw
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 350-361, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: F integral, 26A39
Takashi Noiri, Valeriu Popa
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 362-376, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: β-open, β-continuous, quasicontinuous, multifunctions, 54C10, ‎54C60‎
Shipan Lu
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 377-381, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: AH integral, AD integral, 26A39
Tuan-Seng Chew, Tuo-Yeong Lee, Peng-Yee Lee
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 382-389, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Henstock integral, higher dimensions, 26A39
D. N. Sarkhel, Rudolf Výborný
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 390-395, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Riemann integration, substitution, 26A39, 26A42
S. M. Mazhar
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 396-403, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Absolute Cesáro summability, 40F05, 40D25
Javier Fernández de Bobadilla de Olazabal
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 404-405, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: C1 functions, Riemann integral, 26A39
Andrzej Nowik
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 406-412, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hurewicz property, wQN set, sigma set, hh property, 03E05, 04A20, 54D20
Loukas Grafakos
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 413-427, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hilbert transform, linear truncations, 42B20
Krzysztof Ciesielski, Marcin Szyszkowski
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 428-432, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: symmetric continuity, countable continuity, Sierpiński-Zygmund functions, 26A15, 26A03
Cheng-Ming Lee
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 433-436, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: AD integral, AP integral, 26A39
Richard G. Gibson
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (1), 437-442, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: extendable function, Connectivity function, almost continuity, 26A15
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