VOL. 21 · NO. 2 | 1995/1996
Front Matter
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), (1995/1996) Open Access
No abstract available
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 383, (1995/1996) Open Access
No abstract available
W. Grudziński, B. Koszela, W. Wilczyński
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 386-406, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: generalized continuity, countably compact, pseudocompact, \(\star\)-compact, 54C05, 26A21
Aleksandra Katafiasz
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 407-423, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: improvable function, 26A15
Ryszard Jerzy Pawlak
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 424-429, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: \(c\)-homotopy, connected functions, 54C08, 26A15, ‎54C30, 54C15
Aleksandra Katafiasz
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 430-439, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: improvable functions, 26A15
C. Freiling, B. S. Thomson
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 440-458, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: scattered set, Baire category theorem, 26A21, 54E52
Krzysztof Ciesielski, Ireneusz Recław
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 459-472, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: cardinal invariants, extendable functions, functions with perfect road, peripherally continuous functions, 26A15, 54A25, 03E75
Vladimir Kanovei, Michael Reeken
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 473-497, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: divergent series, summability, nonstandard analysis, 03H05, 40A25, 40J05
Katarzyna Flak, Ryszard Jerzy Pawlak, Bożena Świątek
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 498-509, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: continuity, improvable function, \(c\)-Blumberg set, quasi-continuity, Darboux points, porosity, 54C05, 26A15
V. A. Skvortsov, B. S. Thomson
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 510-520, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: symmetric derivative, approximate symmetric derivative, Perron integral, symmetric integral, 26A39, 26A45
Washek F. Pfeffer
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 521-547, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Riemann-Stieltjes integral, charges, 26B30, 26B20, 26A42, 26A39
Aleksander Maliszewski
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 548-554, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: derivative, a.e. continuous function, 26A24, 26A21
Seng-Kee Chua
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 555-571, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Poincaré inequalities, Sobolev’s inequalities of mixed norm, doubling and reverse doubling weights on product spaces, \(A_p\) weights, domains satisfying the Boman chain condition, Lipschitz domains, 26D10, 46E35
Dave L. Renfro
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 572-581, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: porous set, nowhere dense set, density in Cantor sets, 28A99, 54E52
Piotr Zakrzewski
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 582-589, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: invariant \(\sigma\)-finite measures, isometries of \({\R}^{n}\), extensions of measures, 28C10, 03E05
Gordon Sinnamon
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 590-603, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hardy’s inequality, Two-point Boundary Value Problem, Green's function, weighted norm inequality, 26D10, 46N20, 34B05
Benedetto Bongiorno, T. V. Panchapagesan
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 604-614, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Denjoy integral, relatively compact set, relatively weakly compact set, 26A39, 54D30, 54C35‎
Henry Fast
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 615-621, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Crofton transform, inversion, Injectivity, rectifiable curve, 28A75
F. Balibrea, J. Smítal
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 622-628, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: 26A18, 58F12, 58F13, 54E70, 54H20‎, 58F08
Héctor Cuenya, Miguel Marano
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 629-636, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Orlicz function, Luxemburg norm, \(L_p\)-spaces, 46E30
Zbigniew Grande
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 637-647, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: approximate equicontinuity, equi-derivatives, product measurability, Baire property, 26A24, 26B15, 28A35, ‎54C30, density topology, strong derivative
Miroslav Repický
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 648-655, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: \(N\)-sets, \(A\)-sets, \(N_0\)-sets, pseudo Dirichlet sets, permitted sets, perfect measure zero sets, 42A20, 03E20, 03E05
Benedetto Bongiorno, Valentin Skvortsov
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 656-663, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Henstock-Kurzweil integral, Denjoy-Perron integral, variational measure, 26A39, 26A42, 26A45
Víctor Jiménez López
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 664-688, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: scrambled set, 58F13, 54H20‎, 26A18
Hermann Haase
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 689-695, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: IFS, hyperspace, set-valued chaotic map, 54B20, 54H20‎, ‎54C60‎
Wojciech Kosek
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 696-699, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Banach space, Closed Graph Theorem, 26A16, ‎46E15
C. Freiling, B. S. Thomson
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 700-706, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: scattered set, 26A21, 26A24
Hongjian Shi
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 708-714, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: symmetrically continuous function, symmetric function, Continuous function, nowhere symmetrically differentiable function, nowhere quasi-smooth function, 26A15, 26A27
A. B. Kharazishvili
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 715-724, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: real line, invariant \(\sigma\)--ideal, \(\sigma\)-algebra, countable chain condition, Hamel base, 28A05, 28D05
Ján Borsík, Jaroslav Červeňanský, Tibor Šalát
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 725-731, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: preserving convergence of infinite series, Baire category, 26A99
James Foran
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 732-738, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hausdorff measure, Hausdorff dimension, 28A78
Robert W. Vallin
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 739-742, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: metric space of metrics, very strongly porous, 54E35
A. B. Kharazishvili
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 743-749, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Steinhaus property, invariant measure, extension of the Lebesgue measure, density point, Hamel basis, 28A05, 28D05
Jadwiga Wolnicka
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 750-754, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: 1-improvable discontinuous functions, quasi-uniform convergence, ‎54C30, 26A15
Vasile Ene
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 755-757, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: \(AC\), \(VB\), \(VB^*\), \(VB(P \wedge Q)\), Lusin's (N) condition, 26A39, 26A24
Jakub Jasinski
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 758-766, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Lebesgue measure, Baire property, similar sets, 28A05, 28C10, 03E15
Ying-Jian Lin
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 767-770, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: McShane integral, Lebesgue integral, 26A39
Isidore Fleischer
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 771-773, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: abstract convergence theory, 26A39, 28A20, 20A03, 40A10
Russell A. Gordon
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 774-781, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: iterated limits theorem, Henstock integral, 26A39
Marek Balcerzak, Dave L. Renfro, Wojciech Wojdowski
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 782-788, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: porous set, countable compact set, ideal of sets, Cantor-Bendixson rank, 28A05, 26A21, 04A15
A. Olevskii, C. E. Weil
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 789-792, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Peano differentiation, 26A24
Antonio Boccuto, Anna Rita Sambucini
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 793-810, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: monotone integral, convergence theorems, Radon-Nikodym theorem, 28A70
Jacek Hejduk
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 811-816, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Extension of Lebesgue measure, density point, 28A12, 54A09
Daniel Waterman
Real Anal. Exchange 21 (2), 817-820, (1995/1996) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Integral mean value theorem, regulated functions, 26A24
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