VOL. 22 · NO. 2 | 1996/1997
Front Matter
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), (1996/1997) Open Access
No abstract available
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 443, (1996/1997) Open Access
No abstract available
Heinz-Otto Peitgen, Anna Rodenhausen, Gencho Skordev
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 446-491, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: self-affine functions, self-affine curves, sequential machines, sequential functions, finite automata, L-systems, iterated function systems, 68Q68, 26A27, 54H20‎, 68Q42, 26A30
Richard G. Gibson, Tomasz Natkaniec
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 492-533, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Darboux functions, extendable functions, almost continuous functions, connectivity functions, functions with perfect road, peripherally continuous functions, DIVP-functions, CIVP-functions, SCIVP-functions, WCIVP-functions, Sierpiński-Zygmund functions, property (\(B\)), 26A15, ‎54C30
D. N. Sarkhel
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 534-573, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Riemann integral, sifting, parameter of regularity, 26A39, 26A42
Hung Nhon Vuong
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 574-589, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: linearity, biLipschitz, Cantor set
Bozena Swiatek
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 590-611, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Darboux, finite variation, Extension‎, 26B30
Mark McClure
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 611-625, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: fractal dimensions, Hausdorff measure, hyperspace, 28A78, 28C20, 54B20
Claude-Alain Faure, François Guénard
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 626-637, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Perron integration, approximation, semiBaire 1 functions, 26A39, 26A21
Vasile Ene
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 638-644, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: local systems, Darboux, Baire 1, Darboux Baire 1, Taylor's Theorem, 26A24, 26A21, 26A15
Joseph D. Masters
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 645-654, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: standard double bubble, area, 52A38
Craig Knuckles, Peter R. Wolenski
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 655-676, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: smooth selection, Lipschitz multifunction, submonotone Multifunction, subdifferentially regular function, semismooth function, 26E25, 28B20, 49J52
Ng Wee Leng, Lee Peng Yee
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 677-687, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Henstock integral, \(ACG_{\Delta}\), Radon-Nikodým theorem, (L)-condition, basic condition, 26A39
Vasile Ene
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 688-695, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: \((N)\), \(VB\), \(VBG\), \(AC\), \(ACG\), \([{\mathcal C}G]\), Borel sets, \({\mathcal C}_{ap}\), 26A24, 26A39
Francis Jordan
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 696-713, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: cardinal invariants; extendable, Darboux, almost continuous, peripherially continuous, perfect road, 26A15, 54A25., 03E75
Vasile Ene
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 714-733, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Alexiewicz norm, completion, essentially bounded variation, bounded slope variation, weak convergence, 26A39, 26A46, 26A45, 46A50, 54E52
Zhao Dongsheng, Lee Peng Yee
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 734-739, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Henstock integrals, Riemann sums, contraction, 25A39
P. S. Bullen, D. N. Sarkhel
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 740-759, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Generalized derivatives, porosity, partitioning covers, Baire 1, interlocking, Zahorski, Darboux, 26A24
Zbigniew Grande
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 760-765, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: I-almost everywhere continuity, equicontinuity, separate continuity, density topology, 26A15, 26B05, 54C08, ‎54C30
E. D’Aniello, A. Hirshberg, K. P. S. Bhaskara Rao, R. M. Shortt
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 766-774, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Finitely additive vector measure, bounded vector measure, common extension, 28B99, 26B05
Zoltán Buczolich
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 775-784, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: gradient problem, 26B24
László Zsilinszky
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 785-797, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: superporosity, non-normable, 28A20
Inder K. Rana
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 798-801, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: smoothing, approximate, 45E10, 45L99
James Foran
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 802-805, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: measure, convergence in measure, 26A42
Aleksandra Katafiasz, Tomasz Natkaniec
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 806-813, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Continuous function, quasi-continuous function, super quasi-continuous function, cliquish function, pointwise discontinuous function, κ-Lusin set, 26A15, ‎54C30
Andrzej Nowik
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 814-817, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: totally imperfect set, selectors, Invariant measures, extensions of measures, 03E05
A. B. Kharazishvili
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 818-832, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: transformation group, thick set, thin set, scattered set, countable equidecomposability, quasiinvariant measure, selector, nonmeasurable set., 28A05, 28A20
Robert C. Dalang, T. Mountford
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 833-841, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: points of increase, Baire category, Brownian sheet, Brownian motion, 26B3528C20, 60G60, 28C20
Jiling Cao, Julian Dontchev
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 842-852, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: strongly irresolvable space, multifunction, weakly α-continuous, almost β-continuous, 54C08, ‎54C60‎, 28A05, 54H05, 26A15
Marianna Csörnyei
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 853-855, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: continuous functions, Chord length, 26A15
Yôto Kubota
Real Anal. Exchange 22 (2), 856-859, (1996/1997) Open Access
KEYWORDS: absolutely convergent integration, Lebesgue integral, 26A42, 26A30
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