VOL. 23 · NO. 1 | 1997/1998
Front Matter
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), (1997/1998) Open Access
No abstract available
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 357-358, (1997/1998) Open Access
No abstract available
Claude-Alain Faure, Claude-Alain Faure
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 113, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: gauge integral, Stieltjes sums, fundamental theorem of calculus, 26A39, 26A42, 26A45
No abstract available
Ján Borsík, Ján Borsík
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 125, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Quasicontinuity, Cliquishness, products, 54C08
No abstract available
Marek Balcerzak, Marek Balcerzak
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 131, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Borel set, analytic set, density point, section properties, 04A15, 28A05, 54H05, \(I\)-density point
No abstract available
Vasile Ene, Vasile Ene
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 141, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: \(UAC\), \(UAC^*\), approximate derivative, convergence, 26A24, 26A39
No abstract available
Jakub Jasinski, Jakub Jasinski
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 161, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Blumberg's Theorem, Baldwin's Theorem, pointwise discontinuous, 26A15, 26A03
No abstract available
Samuel Kaplan, Samuel Kaplan
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 175, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Order convergence, Riesz space, 46A110, 06F20
No abstract available
Brian S. Thomson, Brian S. Thomson
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 185, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Borel measure, σ-finite, 26A45, 26A39, 28A12
No abstract available
Dariusz Banaszewski, Dariusz Banaszewski
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 193, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Darboux function, Connectivity function, almost continuous function, additive function, composition of functions., 26A15, 26A51‎
No abstract available
Zbigniew Grande, Zbigniew Grande
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 203, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: continuity, Quasicontinuity, Cliquishness, measurability, density topology, Product measure, 28A35, 28A10, 54C08, ‎54C30
No abstract available
Kenneth R. Kellum, Kenneth R. Kellum
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 211, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: almost continuous function, Darboux function, Connectivity function, 26A15, ‎54C30
No abstract available
Marianna Csörnyei, Marianna Csörnyei
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 217, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: linear projection, projection, 28A05, 28A20, 47B38
No abstract available
In Soo Baek, In Soo Baek
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 223, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: random Cantor set, 28A80, 60B05
No abstract available
Hanxiang Chen, Hanxiang Chen
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 235, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: adjoint classes, Riemann integrable functions, the Riemann-Stieltjes integral, Functions of bounded variation, absolutely continuous functions, 26A42
No abstract available
Mark McClure, Mark McClure
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 241, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: prevalence, fractal dimensions, 26A27, 28A80, 28C20, 54E52
No abstract available
Ricardo Bianconi, Ricardo Bianconi
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 247, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: convergence, Henstock-Kurzweil integral, truncation, 26A39
No abstract available
Roy A. Mimna, Roy A. Mimna
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 251, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: locally bounded functions, locally compact functions, subcontinuity, 26A15
No abstract available
Erich J. Muehlegger, Erich J. Muehlegger
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 259, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Ergodic, lightly mixing, dense algebra, 28D05
No abstract available
Roy A. Mimna, Roy A. Mimna
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 267, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Darboux-Baire 1 functions, dense mapping property, Invariance, ω-limit sets, Quasicontinuity, 26A18, 54H20‎, 26A15
No abstract available
Milan Matejdes, Milan Matejdes
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 275, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Quasicontinuity, connectivity, separation properties, 26A15
No abstract available
T. H. Steele
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 281, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: ω-limit set, Lipschitz function, topological entropy, 26A18
No abstract available
A. B. Kharazishvili, A. B. Kharazishvili
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 287, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: countably generated invariant σ-algebra, Banach-Kuratowski matrix, admissible functional, invariant extension of measure, 28A05, 28D05
No abstract available
Vasile Ene, Vasile Ene
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 295, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: (N), VB, AC, Banach-Zarecki Theorem, 26A45, 26A46, 26A48
No abstract available
Charles Swartz, Charles Swartz
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 303, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: McShane integral, uniform integrability, mean convergence, 28B05
No abstract available
Vasile Ene, Vasile Ene
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 313, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: decomposition theorems of Lebesgue and Jordan, AC, VB, (N), 26A45, 26A46, 26A48
No abstract available
Michal Málek, Michal Málek
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 325, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: basic sets, extremal chaos, transitivity, 26A18, 58F13
No abstract available
Russell A. Gordon, Russell A. Gordon
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 329, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Henstock integral, McShane integral, 26A39
No abstract available
Boguslaw Kaczmarski
Real Anal. Exchange 23 (1), 343, (1997/1998) Open Access
KEYWORDS: one-sided derivatives, F sigma sets, G deltasets, 26A24
No abstract available
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