VOL. 38 · NO. 2 | 2012/2013
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Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), (2012/2013) Open Access
No abstract available
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), (2012/2013) Open Access
No abstract available
Mariola Marciniak, Paulina Szczuka
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 259-272, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Darboux function, quasi-continuous function, strong Swiatkowski function, 26A21, ‎54C30, 26A15, 54C08
Keith Neu, Filip Strobin
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 273-298, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: almost invariance, almost isometry-invariant, almost translation-invariant, Archimedean set, shading, Banach measure, Hamel basis, Lebesgue measure, shade-almost invariance, sum set, quotient set, 28A12
Sergiĭ Kolyada, Damoon Robatian
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 299-316, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: omega-limit set, triangular map, map-connectedness, ‎37B05‎, 26A04, 26A05
Mrinal Kanti Roychowdhury
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 317-336, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: inhomogeneous self-conformal measure, ergodic measure with bounded distortion, Quantization dimension, temperature function, 28A80, 26A04, 60D05, 94A15
Michael P. Cohen
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 337-352, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: descriptive complexity, series rearrangement %, and so on, 40A05, 26A04, 40A05
Jörg Reißinger
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 353-376, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: convolution integral equations, smoothing operators, boundary value problems, maximum principle, Harmonic functions, approximation theory, 26E40, ‎54C30, 26A15, 54C08
Krzysztof Chris Ciesielski, Timothy Glatzer
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 377-390, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: separate continuity, linear continuity, discontinuity sets, 26B05, 58C07, 58C05
Cameron Bruggeman, Kathryn E. Hare
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 391-408, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: multi-fractal analysis, local dimension, \(L^q\)-spectrum, Self-similar measure, 28A80, 42A85‎
Steven G. Krantz
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 409-420, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: complex domains, finite type, atomic decomposition, singular integrals, 32F18, 32T25, 32V35, 32A55, 42A50, 42B20
Manuel Díaz Carrillo, Juan Fernández Sánchez, Enrique de Amo
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 421-424, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hausdorff dimension, box-counting dimension, Takagi's function, generalized level set, 26A06, 26A27, 26A30
Benjamin D. Mestel
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 425-430, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Feigenbaum, functional equation, Herglotz function, Universality, 37E20, 37E05, 37E10
Frédéric Mynard
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 431-444, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Arzela-Ascoli theorem, function space, compactness, convergence space, filter‎, continuous convergence, 54A20, 54C35‎, 54D30
M. Saadoune, R. Sayyad
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 445-466, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: McShane integral, Pettis integral, scalar McShane integral, locally \(\tau\)-upper McShane-bounded, locally McShane-tight, 28B05, 26A04, 26A39
Maamar Benbachir, Meriem Dahmane, Abdallah El Farissi
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 467-474, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: convex function, Hermite-Hadamard integral inequality, Haber inequality, Fejer inequality, 52A40, 52A41
Alexander B. Kharazishvili
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 475-486, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: additive properties, continuous nowhere differentiable function, Sierpinski-Zygmund function, absolutely nonmeasurable function, 28A05, 28D05, 26A05
Marian Jakszto
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 487-492, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: weak Banach-Saks property, weak convergence, pointwise a.e. convergence, convergence in measure, 28A20, 46B20, 46E30, 46E35
Ashutosh Kumar
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 493-498, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: outer measure, Forcing, 03E75
Tomáš Visnyai
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (2), 499-510, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Continuous function, quasicontinuous function, 26A15, ‎54C30
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