VOL. 39 · NO. 1 | 2013/2014
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Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), (2013/2014) Open Access
No abstract available
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), (2013/2014) Open Access
No abstract available
Lingmin Liao, Michał Rams
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 1-14, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Multifractal analysis, ergodic averages, Lyapunov exponents, 28A80, 37C45, 28A78
Robert Menkyna
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 15-32, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: the strong Swiatkowski function, lower resp. upper semicontinuous functions, 26A15, 26A21
Gerald Beer, Michael J. Hoffman
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 33-44, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: tube, semicontinuous multifunction, semicontinuous function, Continuous function, Uniform convergence, open mapping, Open Mapping Theorem, 54C05, ‎54C60‎, 54E35, 46A30
Gareth Speight
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 45-56, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: lower porosity, Directed Porosity, Directionally Porous, Sigma Porous, 28A05, 28A75
Krzysztof Chris Ciesielski, Jakub Jasinski
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 57-72, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Peano curve, space filing curve, differentiability, 26A30, 26B05, 58C05
Henna Koivusalo
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 73-90, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Random fractal, random self-similar set, Hausdorff dimension, 28A80, 28A78, 60D05
Rostom Getsadze
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 91-100, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: measure, convergence, Fourier, Essential, 26B10, 42B08, 40B05
J. A. Astorga-Moreno, S. Garcia-Ferreira
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 101-116, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: outer measure, Lebesgue outer measure, measurable set, null set, weak selection, 28A12, 28A99, 28B15, 28E15
Krzysztof Chris Ciesielski, Timothy Glatzer
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 117-138, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: separate continuity, linear continuity, discontinuity sets, 26B05, 58C07, 58C05
Antonio Boccuto, Xenofon Dimitriou
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 139-174, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Topological Group, (free) filter, P-filter, diagonal filter, block-respecting filter, filter convergence, sliding hump, Frechet-Nikod\'ym topology, (uniform) S boundedness, (uniform) \(\sigma\)-additivity, (uniform) continuity, (uniform) regularity, Brooks-Jewett theorem, Nikodym convergence theorem, Vitali-Hahn-Saks theorem, Dieudonne theorem, equivalence between limit theorems, uniform filter exhaustiveness, 28A33, 28B10, 40A35, 54A20, 54H11, 06E15, 22A05, 22A10, 28A12, 28B15, 28C15, 40C05, ‎40G15‎, 41A35, 41A36, 54E15
Viktoriia V. Bilet, Oleksiy A. Dovgoshey
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 175-206, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: one-side porosity, local strong porosity, 28A10, 28A05
Oswaldo de Oliveira
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 207-218, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Implicit Function Theorems, Calculus of Vector Functions, Differential Calculus, Functions of Several Variables, 26B10, 26B12, 97140
Zsigmond Tarcsay
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 219-226, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Lebesgue-Darst decomposition, Orthogonal decomposition, orthogonal projection, Hilbert space methods‎, Absolute continuity, singularity, 47C05, 28A12, 46N99
Sokol B. Kaliaj
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 227-238, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Pettis integral, strongly McShane integral, Absolute continuity, 28B05, 58C20, 46G10, 46G05
Keqin Liu
Real Anal. Exchange 39 (1), 239-260, (2013/2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: the dual real number algebra, \(\varphi\)-derivatives, \(\varphi\)-integrals, 26A99
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