VOL. 38 · NO. 1 | 2012/2013
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Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), (2012/2013) Open Access
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Paulina Szczuka
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 1-16, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Darboux function, quasi-continuous function, strong Swiatkowski function, extra strong Swiatkowski function, product of functions, 26A21, ‎54C30, 26A15, 54C08
Shiva Mittal
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 17-32, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: multiwavelets, multiresolution analysis of multiplicity \(d\), MSF multiwavelets, multiwavelet sets, multiscaling sets, generalized scaling sets, 42C15, ‎42C40, 26A05
Janusz Matkowski
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 33-62, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: linear inequality, pointwise monotonic function, subadditive functions, Convex functions, generalizations, ‎39B62, 26A48, 26A51‎
S. Mitra, S. N. Mukhopadhyay
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 63-78, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Abel summability, Fourier series, Abel continuity, Abel derivative, Monotonicity, 26A24, 42A24
Małgorzata Wróbel
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 79-94, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Local operator, Nemytskij (superposition, composition) operator, function of bounded \(\varphi\)-variation, Continuous function, 47H30
James C. Robinson, Nicholas Sharples
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 95-120, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: box-counting dimension, Cartesian product, generalised Cantor set, 28A80
Miroslav Kačena, Luca Motto Ros, Brian Semmes
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 121-132, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Baire class 1 functions, piecewise continuous functions, first level Borel functions, \(\D^0_2\)-functions, 03E15, 54H05
Taras Banakh, Volodymyr Mykhaylyuk
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 133-156, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: separately differentiable functions, partial differential equations, 26B05, 35A99
Constantin Niculescu, Florin Popovici
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 157-168, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Lebesgue integral, Density, convergence in density, 26A42, 37A45
Robert Menkyna
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 169-176, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: semicontinuity, Darboux property, function of Baire one class, 26A15, 26A21
Vaios Laschos, Christian Mönch
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 177-192, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: pointwise convergence, continuity, Lusin's theorem, Egorov's theorem, 26E40, 26B05, 54G20
Paweł Pasteczka
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 193-210, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: ‎quasi-arithmetic mean, generalized mean, scale of means, ‎mean‎, Inequalities‎, 26E60, 47A63, 47A64
V. I. Kolyada
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 211-240, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: capacity, moduli of continuity, Sobolev Spaces, Besov spaces, 46E35, 31B15
Stanisław Kowalczyk
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 241-256, (2012/2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: preponderant continuity, path continuity, approximate continuity, uniform limit, 26A15, ‎54C30
Real Analysis Exchange Editors
Real Anal. Exchange 38 (1), 257-258, (2012/2013) Open Access
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