VOL. 37 · NO. 1 | 2011/2012
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Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), (2011/2012)
No abstract available
Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), (2011/2012)
No abstract available
Pieter C. Allaart, Kiko Kawamura
Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), 1-54, (2011/2012)
KEYWORDS: Takagi function, van der Waerden function, continuous nowhere differentiable function, modulus of continuity, infinite derivatives, Level set, Hausdorff dimension, Lebesgue's singular function, functional equation, 26A27, 26A16, 26A78, 26A80
Márton Elekes
Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), 55-60, (2011/2012)
KEYWORDS: density zero, analytic, P-ideal, random, Forcing, pseudo-intersection, indestructible, 03E40, 28A99, 03E35
Francesco Calabrò, Antonio Corbo Esposito, Carmen Perugia
Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), 61-82, (2011/2012)
KEYWORDS: self similar measures, quadrature, 28A25, 28A80, 65D32
Martial R. Hille
Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), 83-116, (2011/2012)
KEYWORDS: graph directed Markov systems, Hausdorff dimension, zeta function, Zeros, 37C30, 37F35, 37C4540
Loredana Biacino
Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), 117-128, (2011/2012)
KEYWORDS: Hölder continuous functions, box dimension, Weierstrass-type functions, 26A15, 26A16, 26A30
Eugen J. Ionascu, Richard Stephens
Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), 129-146, (2011/2012)
KEYWORDS: moments, derivative, Spline, quadratic and linear functions, 44A60%, 26A04%, 26A05
R. S. Pathak
Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), 147-166, (2011/2012)
KEYWORDS: variation diminishing transforms, Wavelets, wavelet transform, inversion of the wavelet transform, wavelets generated by \(H\)-function, ‎42C40, 44A35
Michael McAsey, Libin Mou
Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), 167-176, (2011/2012)
KEYWORDS: continuity, two variables, collections of paths, 26B05, 26A15, 26B35
N. Merentes, J. L. Sánchez
Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), 177-188, (2011/2012)
KEYWORDS: bounded \(p\)-variation, Hölder continuity, homeomorphism, change of variables, 26A45, 26A16, 26A48
Russell A. Gordon
Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), 189-202, (2011/2012)
KEYWORDS: approximate derivative, least squares derivative, Hölder continuity, 26A24, 26A16, 26A05
John C. Georgiou
Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), 203-212, (2011/2012)
KEYWORDS: non-differentiability, convexity, divided differences, Riemann symmetric derivatives, 26A27, 26A51‎, 40A30, 54C50
G. Beer, S. Naimpally
Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), 213-220, (2011/2012)
KEYWORDS: uniform continuity, pointwise product of functions, emphatic uniform continuity of a product of a function pair, ‎oscillation‎, joint oscillation, 26A15, 54C05, ‎54C30, 54E35
Brian S. Thomson
Real Anal. Exchange 37 (1), 221-242, (2011/2012)
KEYWORDS: Riemann sums, Riemann integral, Lebesgue integral, Stieltjes integral, Henstock-Kurzweil integral, change of variable, derivative, 26A24, 26A42
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