VOL. 20 · NO. 3 | 2011
David Bremner, Lars Schewe
Experiment. Math. 20 (3), 229-237, (2011)
KEYWORDS: polytopes, diameter, Hirsh conjecture, oriented matroids, satisfiability, 52B05, 52B40
Steven M. Heilman, Philip Owrutsky, Robert S. Strichartz
Experiment. Math. 20 (3), 238-259, (2011)
KEYWORDS: orthogonal polynomials, self-similar measures, dynamical systems, 33C45, 28A80
Édouard Oudet
Experiment. Math. 20 (3), 260-270, (2011)
KEYWORDS: Kelvin’s conjecture, foams, Γ-convergence, optimal tiling, 53A10, 49Q15, 65K10
Franck Leprévost, Michael Pohst, Osmanbey Uzunkol
Experiment. Math. 20 (3), 271-281, (2011)
KEYWORDS: Theta functions, Complex Multiplication, class fields, 11G15, 11Y35
Dror Bar-Natan, Iva Halacheva, Louis Leung, Fionntan Roukema
Experiment. Math. 20 (3), 282-287, (2011)
KEYWORDS: Virtual knots, Reidemeister moves, finite type invariants, weight systems, Polyak algebra, 57M25
Atanas Atanasov, Christopher Lopez, Alexander Perry, Nicholas Proudfoot, Michael Thaddeus
Experiment. Math. 20 (3), 288-303, (2011)
KEYWORDS: toric varieties, Nash blowups, iteration, resolution of singularities, 14M25, 52B20
V. Bonnaillie-Noël, B. Helffer
Experiment. Math. 20 (3), 304-322, (2011)
KEYWORDS: Spectral theory, minimal partitions, nodal domains, Aharonov-Bohm Hamiltonian, numerical simulations, 35B05, 35J05, 35P15, 65F15, 65N25
Tomas Johnson
Experiment. Math. 20 (3), 323-328, (2011)
KEYWORDS: Pseudo-Abelian integrals, limit cycles, bifurcation theory, planar integrable systems, interval analysis, 34C07, 37G15, 37G40, 37M20, 65G20
Joseph H. Silverman, Katherine E. Stange
Experiment. Math. 20 (3), 329-357, (2011)
KEYWORDS: elliptic divisibility sequence, Elliptic curve, amicable pair, aliquot cycle, 11G05, 11B99, 11G20
Daniel J. Bates, Luke Oeding
Experiment. Math. 20 (3), 358-370, (2011)
KEYWORDS: Salmon conjecture, Algebraic statistics, representation theory, numerical algebraic geometry, Bertini, 14L30, 13A50, 14M12, 20G05, 15A72, 15A69, 65H10, 68W30, 14Q99
Experiment. Math. 20 (3), (2011)
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