VOL. 20 · NO. 2 | 2011
Barnaby Dalton, Mustazee Rahman, Stephen Tanny
Experiment. Math. 20 (2), 129-137, (2011) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Connolly sequence, Conway sequence, meta-Fibonacci sequence, spot-based generation, spot function, 11B37, 39A99
Askar Dzhumadil’daev, Pasha Zusmanovich
Experiment. Math. 20 (2), 138-144, (2011) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Alternative operad, right-alternative operad, Koszulity, Poincaré series, 17D05, 05A05, ‎16N40, 16S37, 17-04, 17DI5, 18D50, 65F99
Mikkel Abrahamsen, Søren Eilers
Experiment. Math. 20 (2), 145-152, (2011) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Asymptotic enumeration, LEGO, Monte Carlo methods, 05A16, 05-04
J. O. Button
Experiment. Math. 20 (2), 153-168, (2011) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Finitely presented, large, 20-04
Xavier-François Roblot, Alfred Weiss
Experiment. Math. 20 (2), 169-176, (2011) Open Access
KEYWORDS: algebraic K-theory, Galois modules, Iwasawa theory, p-adic L-functions, 11Y40, 11R23, 11R70
E. Giné, C. S. Güntürk, W. R. Madych
Experiment. Math. 20 (2), 177-188, (2011) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Euler exponential splines, Extremes, piecewise polynomial splines, symmetric polynomial expansions, 65A15, 62G07
Kevin G. Hare
Experiment. Math. 20 (2), 189-200, (2011) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Chebyshev polynomials, diophantine approximation, integers, Transfinite diameter, 11C08, 30C10
Jonathan Spreer, Wolfgang Kühnel
Experiment. Math. 20 (2), 201-216, (2011) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Combinatorial manifold, combinatorial pseudomanifold, intersection form, $K^3$ surface, Kummer variety, resolution of singularities, simplicial Hopf map, 57Q15, 14J28, 14E15, 57Q25, 52B70
Markus Kirschmer
Experiment. Math. 20 (2), 217-228, (2011) Open Access
KEYWORDS: integral representation, symplectic matrix groups, 20H20, 20C10
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