VOL. 16 · NO. 3 | September 2012
Jiayuan Lin, Janice Wethington
Asian J. Math. 16 (3), 367-386, (September 2012)
KEYWORDS: Thom-Boardman symbols, polynomial multiplication maps, Toeplitz matrices, 58K40, 58K20, 32S10, 14J17
Gordon Heier, Min Ru
Asian J. Math. 16 (3), 387-408, (September 2012)
KEYWORDS: Integral points, entire curves, Hyperbolicity, Weil functions, Schmidt subspace theorem, second main theorem, 11G35, 11G50, 14C20, 14G40, 32H30
Ian A. B. Strachan
Asian J. Math. 16 (3), 409-426, (September 2012)
KEYWORDS: Frobenius manifolds, hypersurface singularities, G-functions, 53B25, 53B50
Jie Xiao
Asian J. Math. 16 (3), 429-450, (September 2012)
KEYWORDS: Integral bounds, Green’s functions, iso-volume-like inequalities, Faber-Krahn type estimates, 35J, 49K, 53C
Yao Yuan
Asian J. Math. 16 (3), 451-478, (September 2012)
KEYWORDS: line bundle, strange duality conjecture, moduli spaces of semistable sheaves, 14D22, 14J26
Antonio Jose Di Scala, Hideyuki Ishi, Andrea Loi
Asian J. Math. 16 (3), 479-488, (September 2012)
KEYWORDS: Kähler metrics, infinite dimensional complex space forms, homogeneous space, Wallach set, 53D05, 53C55, 58F06
Ivan Penkov, Gregg Zuckerman
Asian J. Math. 16 (3), 489-514, (September 2012)
KEYWORDS: Generalized Harish-Chandra module, fundamental series, minimal $sl(2)$-type, 17B10, 17B55
Dmitry Logachev
Asian J. Math. 16 (3), 515-560, (September 2012)
KEYWORDS: Fano threefolds, Fano surfaces, middle Jacobian, tangent bundle theorem, global Torelli theorem, 14J30, 14J45, 14J25, 14C30
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