VOL. 16 · NO. 2 | June 2012
Yunling Kang
Asian J. Math. 16 (2), 171-188, (June 2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Elliptic curve, Complex Multiplication, Iwasawa theory, $p$-adic L-function, 11R23, 11G40
Jeanne Clelland
Asian J. Math. 16 (2), 189-208, (June 2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Timelike surfaces, quasi-umbilic, method of moving frames, 51B20, 53C42, 53C10, 53A55
Herbert Koch, Tobias Lamm
Asian J. Math. 16 (2), 209-235, (June 2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Geometric flows, rough data, local and global well-posedness, 35K45, 53C44
Mingmin Shen
Asian J. Math. 16 (2), 237-270, (June 2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Rational curves, Fano threefolds, 14M22, 14D15
Hyun Woong Cho, Jin Hong Kim, Han Chul Park
Asian J. Math. 16 (2), 271-278, (June 2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Unitary G-manifolds, ABBV localization theorem, isolated fixed points, Kosniowski’s conjecture, 57S25, 55N91
Kazuhiro Konno
Asian J. Math. 16 (2), 279-298, (June 2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Surface singularity, Yau cycle, canonical cycle, 14J17
Chung-I Ho, Tian-Jun Li
Asian J. Math. 16 (2), 299-318, (June 2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Luttinger surgery, Kodaira Dimension, framing, 53D35, 57R17, 57R57
Julien Barral, De-Jun Feng
Asian J. Math. 16 (2), 319-352, (June 2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Thermodynamic formalism, equilibrium states, symbolic dynamics, affine invariant sets, Multifractal analysis, Hausdorff dimension, 37D35, 37B10, 37A35, 28A78
Somnath Jha
Asian J. Math. 16 (2), 353-366, (June 2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Selmer group, congruences of modular forms, Hida theory, $p$-adic Galois representation, non-commutative Iwasawa theory, 11R23, 11F33, 11F80, 11G05, 14G05, 16E40
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