VOL. 20 · NO. 4 | December, 1992
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348883
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Ann. Statist. 20 (4), (December, 1992)
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Tom Leonard, John S. J. Hsu
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1669-1696, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348885
KEYWORDS: multivariate normal distribution, Covariance matrix, hierachical prior, inverted Wishart prior, matrix exponential, intraclass hypothesis, Bayesian marginalization, generalized linear model, exchangeable distribution for a positive definite matrix, 62F15, 62C12, 62E20, 62E25, 62F11, 62G05, 62J10, 62J12
Paul H. Garthwaite, James M. Dickey
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1697-1719, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348886
KEYWORDS: Probability assessment methods, probability elicitation, prior distribution, Variable selection, Linear regression, 62F15, 62C10, 62J05
Larry Wasserman, Joseph B. Kadane
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1720-1736, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348887
KEYWORDS: Choquet capacities, doubly stochastic operators, equimeasurability, lower probabilities, majorization, 2-alternating capacities, 60A05, 62A99
Robert F. Nau
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1737-1767, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348888
KEYWORDS: subjective probability, lower and upper probabilities, confidence-weighted probabilities, second-order probabilities, Coherence, Incompleteness, fuzzy sets, 62A15, 90A05, 04A72
Thomas A. Severini, Wing Hung Wong
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1768-1802, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348889
KEYWORDS: efficiency, estimation, nonparametric, semiparametric, 62F35, 62G07, 62F10
David L. Donoho, Miriam Gasko
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1803-1827, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348890
KEYWORDS: Multivariate depth and outlyingness, location estimates, robustness, Breakdown point, Projection pursuit, halfspace distance, Glivenko-Cantelli property, 62F35, 62G05, 62H12
Laurie Davies
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1828-1843, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348891
KEYWORDS: Minimum volume ellipsoid, affine invariant metrics, Holder conditions, cube root convergence, 62H12, 62F12, 62F35
Kun Jin
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1844-1874, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348892
KEYWORDS: Adaptation, efficient estimation, $B$-splines, cross-validation, Linear regression, 62F35, 62F11, 62G20, 62J05
Ruben H. Zamar
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1875-1888, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348893
KEYWORDS: $M$-estimates, bias robust, orthogonal regression, structural relationship, functional relationship, errors-in-variables, measurement error model, 62J02, 62J05
L. Baringhaus, N. Henze
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1889-1902, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348894
KEYWORDS: Multivariate skewness, test for multivariate normality, consistency, elliptically symmetric distributions, $V$-Statistics, 62H15, 62H10
Larry Goldstein, Bryan Langholz
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1903-1928, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348895
KEYWORDS: Survival analysis, cohort sampling, martingale, Censoring, efficiency, 62F12, 62M99, 62D05
Melissa Dowd Begg, Stephen Lagakos
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1929-1952, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348896
KEYWORDS: Asymptotic relative efficiency, asymptotic validity, logistic regression, model misspecification, tests of association, 62F05, 62J02
Yuan-chin Ivan Chang, Adam T. Martinsek
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1953-1969, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348897
KEYWORDS: logistic regression, fixed size confidence set, sequential estimation, stopping rule, last time, uniform integrability, Asymptotic efficiency, 62L12, 62F25, 62J12
Rudolf Beran, Peter Hall
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1970-1984, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348898
KEYWORDS: Distribution estimation, Hausdorff approximation, Identifiability, Linear regression, moment estimation, random coefficient, 62J05, 62G05
Dimitris N. Politis, Joseph P. Romano
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 1985-2007, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348899
KEYWORDS: time series, Spectral density, Weak dependence, nonparametric estimation, Resampling methods, bootstrap, jackknife, 62M10, 62G05
Jianqing Fan, Irene Gijbels
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2008-2036, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348900
KEYWORDS: boundary effects, local linear smoother, mean squared error, Nonparametric regression, optimalities, variable bandwidth, 62G07, 62G20, 62J99
Luc Devroye
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2037-2056, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348901
KEYWORDS: density function, nonparametric estimation, rate of convergence, kernel estimate, consistency, smoothing methods, 62G05
Jianqing Fan, James S. Marron
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2057-2070, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348902
KEYWORDS: Bandwidth selection, efficient bounds, kernel density estimator, semiparametric methods, 62G07, 62B10, 62C20
R. L. Eubank, V. N. LaRiccia
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2071-2086, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348903
KEYWORDS: Asymptotic efficiency, Density estimation, Fourier series, high frequency alternatives, 62G10, 62E20
J. A. Menendez, C. Rueda, B. Salvador
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2087-2099, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348904
KEYWORDS: Restricted inference, likelihood ratio test, obliqueness, 62F03, 62H15
E. L. Lehmann, J. Rojo
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2100-2110, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348905
KEYWORDS: stochastic ordering, monotone likelihood ratio ordering, hazard ordering, location families, distance between distribution functions, 62A05, 62E10, 62B15, 60E05
K. Samaranayake
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2111-2123, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348906
KEYWORDS: Bernoulli bandits, stay with a winner, 62L05, 90D15
Jiahua Chen
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2124-2141, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348907
KEYWORDS: Defining contrasts subgroup, equivalence of designs, Fractional factorial design, integer linear programming, isomorphism, minimum aberration design, minimum variance design, resolution, wordlength pattern, 62K15, 62K05
A. S. Hedayat, Kewei Pu, John Stufken
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2142-2152, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348908
KEYWORDS: Fractional factorial designs, main-effect plans, orthogonal arrays, difference schemes, resolvability, Kronecker sums, 62K15, 05B15
Short Communications
Rafail Z. Khas'minskii, Betty V. Lazareva
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2153-2160, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348909
KEYWORDS: Optimal filtration, Markov chain, infinitesimal generator, reflecting barrier, 62M20, 60G35
Xuming He, Stephen Portnoy
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2161-2167, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348910
KEYWORDS: linear models, reweighted least squares, least median of squares, Convergence rates, 62G35, 62J05, 62E20
Hari Mukerjee
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2168-2176, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348911
KEYWORDS: Conditional quantile, Bahadur representation, stochastic approximation, Robbins-Monro process, central limit theorem, Law of the iterated logarithm, 62G05, 62L20, 60F05, 60F15
Larry Wasserman
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2177-2182, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348912
KEYWORDS: Density ratio classes, Invariance, robust Bayesian inference, 62F15, 62F35
P. Vellaisamy
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2183-2191, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348913
KEYWORDS: Estimation after selection, gamma scale parameters, inadmissible estimators, differential inequalities, simultaneous estimation after selection, 62C15, 62F10, 62F07
Qiqing Yu, Eswar Phadia
Ann. Statist. 20 (4), 2192-2195, (December, 1992) DOI: 10.1214/aos/1176348914
KEYWORDS: best invariant estimator, Kolmogorov-Smirnov loss, minimaxity, 62C15, 62D05
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Ann. Statist. 20 (4), (December, 1992)
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