VOL. 31 · NO. 2 | 2005/2006
Front Matter
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), (2005/2006)
No abstract available
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), (2005/2006)
No abstract available
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), (2005/2006)
No abstract available
Darko Žubrinić
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 315-354, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: Fractals, Minkowski contents, swarming functions, box dimensions, gauge functions, Lebesgue's integral, singular integral, 26A30, 26B15, 28A12, 28A80
B. E. Rhoades, Ekrem Savaş
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 355-363, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: absolute summability, almost increasing summability factors, 40F05, 40D25
Joanna Czarnowska
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 365-371, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: perfect road, Darboux property, ‎54C60‎
D. K. Ganguly, Ranu Mukherjee
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 373-384, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: Approximate full cover, density point, $\Delta$-division, $\delta$-fine division, Locally Small Riemann Sum, AP-integral, GAP-integral, Henstock integral, Saks-Henstock Lemma, 26A39
R. Pawlak, A. Tomaszewska
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 385-396, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: $\sigma$-ideal, product of $\sigma $-ideals, Cantor-like sets, $\Im$-a.e. continuous functions, Darboux functions, 54B10, 54H05, 28A05
Karma Dajani, Aimee S. A. Johnson, Martijn de Vries
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 397-408, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: Lochs' theorem, Shannon-McMillan-Breiman theorem, 28D15, 28D20
Annalisa Crannell, Marc Frantz, Michelle LeMasurier
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 409-423, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: closed relations, Quasicontinuity, quasicontinuous functions, measure, 54C08, 54H20‎
David Gauld, Frédéric Mynard
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 425-430, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: real valued functions, differentiability, continuity, convergence spaces, 26A24, ‎54C30, 26A06, 26A27, 54A10, 54A20
A. Boccuto, V. A. Skvortsov
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 431-445, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: Henstock-Kurzweil integral, Perron integral, Ward integral, ‎28A15, 28B05, 28A39, 42C10, 42C05, 46G10
Ushangi Goginava, György Gát
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 447-464, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: double Walsh-Fourier series, logarithmic means, a. e. convergence and divergence, 42C10
Rudolf Výborný
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 465-467, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: Kurzweil-Henstock integral, 26A39
Marcin Grande
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 469-476, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: Almost continuity of Stallings, graph continuity, discrete convergence, Uniform convergence, sum, product, 26A15
Shingo Saito
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 477-487, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: Residuality, $\mathcal{F}_{\sigma}$ set, Banach-Mazur game, 54B20, 54E52
James D. Shelton Jr.
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 489-514, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: first-return, Baire one, continuity, approachability, recoverability, Darboux, 26A21, 26B05
Brandi Cain, John Clark, David Rose
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 515-518, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: vertically rigid function, group homomorphism, ‎54C30, 51M04, 33B10, 54A10
Raúl Naulin, Carlos Uzcátegui
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 519-523, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: interpolation of sequences, universal surjectivity of the Cantor set, 54E45, 54H05
Héctor H. Cuenya, C. N. Rodriguez
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 525-533, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: $L^p$ norm, Inequalities‎, rational functions, 41A17, 41A20, 26D07
Branislav Novotný
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 535-545, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: subcontinuous function, locally totally bounded function, locally bounded function, almost resolvable space, $\sigma$-resolvable space, 26A15
Abhijit Dasgupta
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 547-551, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: Borel sets, Polish space, separated union, $\boldsymbol{\Delta}^{\boldsymbol{0}}_{\boldsymbol{3}}$, 54H05, 28A05, 03E15
A. B. Kharazishvili, A. Razmadze
Real Anal. Exchange 31 (2), 553-560, (2005/2006)
KEYWORDS: $SZ$-function, absolutely nonmeasurable function, additive function, universal measure zero set, extension of measure., 28A05, 28D05
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