VOL. 58 · NO. 2 | 2014
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Publ. Mat. 58 (2), (2014) Open Access
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N. Cónsul, S. M. Oliva, M. Pellicer
Publ. Mat. 58 (2), 265-293, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Wound healing modelling, diabetes influence, analytical well-posedness, bifurcation diagrams, numerical analysis of equilibria, 35Q92, 35A02, 65P30
Lucien Szpiro, Michael Tepper, Phillip Williams
Publ. Mat. 58 (2), 295-329, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: resultant, conductor, discriminant, bad reduction, critical bad reduction, Lattèes map, minimality, self map of the projective line, 37P05, 14L24, 11G05, 14G99, 37P45
Maria De Falco, Francesco de Giovanni, Carmela Musella
Publ. Mat. 58 (2), 331-340, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Almost normal subgroup, group of infinite rank, 20F24, 20F22
Basarab Matei, Yves Meyer, Joaquim Ortega-Cerdà
Publ. Mat. 58 (2), 341-351, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Shannon theorem, stable sampling, Fourier multipliers, sampling sequences, 42A45, 42B15, 42C15, 62D05, 94A24
Zeqian Chen, Wei Ouyang
Publ. Mat. 58 (2), 353-377, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Bergman space, atomic decomposition, Bergman kernel, homogeneous space, maximal function, ‎32A36‎, 32A50
Toni Heikkinen, Heli Tuominen
Publ. Mat. 58 (2), 379-399, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Besov space, fractional maximal function, Fractional Sobolev space, Triebel-Lizorkin space, metric measure space, 42B25, 46E35
Eric Amar
Publ. Mat. 58 (2), 401-414, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Interpolating sequences, Carleson measures, 30H10, 30H80
Adam Oseękowski
Publ. Mat. 58 (2), 415-443, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Fourier multiplier, singular integral, Beurling-Ahlfors transform, martingale, Differential subordination, 42B15, 60G44, 42B20
A. J. Yucra Hancco, G. A. Lobos, V. Ramos Batista
Publ. Mat. 58 (2), 445-468, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Minimal, surfaces, 53A10
José Antonio Cuenca Mira
Publ. Mat. 58 (2), 469-484, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Absolute valued algebra, idempotent, division algebra, third-power associativity, pairwise commuting elements, 17A80, 17A75, 17A60, 17D99
Antonio Greco
Publ. Mat. 58 (2), 485-498, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Subdiffusive $p$-Laplacian, Comparison principle, overdetermined problems, radial symmetry, 35B06, 35N25, 35R35
Daniel Skodlerack
Publ. Mat. 58 (2), 499-516, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Embeddings types, buildings, simple algebras, non-archimedean local fields, 17C20, 20E42, 12J25
Fedor Nazarov, Xavier Tolsa, Alexander Volberg
Publ. Mat. 58 (2), 517-532, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Riesz transform, rectifiability, Lipschitz harmonic functions, 28A75, 42B20, 31B25
Publ. Mat. 58 (2), (2014) Open Access
No abstract available
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