VOL. 58 · NO. 1 | 2014
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Publ. Mat. 58 (1), (2014) Open Access
No abstract available
Ron Kerman, Colin Phipps, Lubosš Pick
Publ. Mat. 58 (1), 3-30, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Supremum operators, Sobolev imbeddings, optimality, rearrangement-invariant norms, 46E35, 46E30
Gabriel Calsamiglia, Bertrand Deroin, Stefano Francaviglia
Publ. Mat. 58 (1), 31-46, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Grafting, projective structure, Fuchsian group, 57M50, 30F35, 53A30, 14H15
R. Lakshmi Lavanya, S. Thangavelu
Publ. Mat. 58 (1), 47-63, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Heisenberg group, Fourier transform, Fourier-Weyl transform, Schwartz class, heat kernel, 43A30, 43A70, 35K08
Eric Bedford, Kyounghee Kim
Publ. Mat. 58 (1), 65-119, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Pseudo-automorphism, rational $3$ fold, $K3$ surfaces, rational recurrences, birational map, dynamical degree, periodicity, 32F10, 32H50, 32M99, 14E07
André Dumont, Karim Kellay
Publ. Mat. 58 (1), 121-132, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Fock spaces, Lagrange interpolation, convergence, summability methods, ‎30H05, 30D10, 30E05
Raffaella Servadei, Enrico Valdinoci
Publ. Mat. 58 (1), 133-154, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Integrodifferential operators, fractional Laplacian, weak solutions, viscosity solutions, regularity theory, 35R09, 45K05, 49N60, 35D30
E. Pardo
Publ. Mat. 58 (1), 155-177, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Fractional skew monoid ring, semigroup $C^*$-crossed product, 16A50, 16D70, 46L55, 46L89
Marcos Dajczer, Ruy Tojeiro
Publ. Mat. 58 (1), 179-191, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Euclidean submanifold, first normal bundle, 53B25
Chang-Yu Guo, Pekka Koskela, Juhani Takkinen
Publ. Mat. 58 (1), 193-212, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Homeomorphism of finite distortion, 30C62, 30C65
Tuomas Orponen
Publ. Mat. 58 (1), 213-220, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Besicovitch sets, Kakeya maximal operator, 28A80, 28A78, 42B25
Michael Papadimitrakis
Publ. Mat. 58 (1), 221-231, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hankel operators, boundedness, compactness, weak compactness, Hardy spaces, bounded mean oscillation, logarithmic bounded mean oscillation, 47B35, 30H35, 30H10
Małgorzata Hryniewicka, Jan Krempa
Publ. Mat. 58 (1), 233-249, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Groups of units, $U(R)$-orbits, semilocal rings, semiprimary rings, 16P99, 16U60, 16L30
Marco Brunella
Publ. Mat. 58 (1), 251-261, (2014) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Kato surfaces, Levi-flat foliations, plurisubharmonic functions, 32J15, 32U05, 32V40
Publ. Mat. 58 (1), (2014) Open Access
No abstract available
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