Special Issue Dedicated to the 70th Birthday of Prof. Joel Smoller: Part I
VOL. 12 · NO. 2 | June2005
Front Matter
Methods Appl. Anal. 12 (2), i-ii, (June2005) Open Access
No abstract available
Methods Appl. Anal. 12 (2), iii-iv, (June2005) Open Access
No abstract available
Claude Bardos, Olivier Pironneau
Methods Appl. Anal. 12 (2), 103-134, (June2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Inverse problems, data assimilation, optimal control, shocks, 65M99, 93B40
Zhenhua Gao, Song Jiang, Jing Li
Methods Appl. Anal. 12 (2), 135-152, (June2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Stokes approximation equations, helically symmetric flow, classical solutions, 35Q30, 35Q35
Yann Brenier
Methods Appl. Anal. 12 (2), 153-168, (June2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Relativistic equations, Hyperbolic PDEs, minimal surfaces, 35Q, 35Q60, 49, 53
Zhengfu Xu, Chi-Wang Shu
Methods Appl. Anal. 12 (2), 169-190, (June2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hamilton-Jacobi equations, anti-diffusive flux correction, kinks, Hamiltonian correction, high order accuracy, finite difference, WENO scheme, 65M06
Alberto Bressan, Massimo Fonte
Methods Appl. Anal. 12 (2), 191-220, (June2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Camassa-Holm equation, optimal transportation metric, conservative solution, 35G25, 35Q51, 49J20
No abstract available
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