Special Issue Dedicated to the 70th Birthday of Prof. Joel Smoller: Part II
VOL. 12 · NO. 3 | September 2005
Toshitaka Nagai
Methods Appl. Anal. 12 (3), 221-238, (September 2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Chemotaxis system, structure of solutions, exact solution, invariant manifold, 35K50, 35M10, 35B40, 92C17
Song Jiang, Zhouping Xin, Ping Zhang
Methods Appl. Anal. 12 (3), 239-252, (September 2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Compressible Navier-Stokes equations, isentropic gas, free boundary, weak solutions, 35Q10
No abstract available
Denis Serre
Methods Appl. Anal. 12 (3), 253-266, (September 2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Initial-boundary value problem, hyperbolic PDE, Lopatinsliĭ condition, 35L20, 35L50, 35L05
Jeffrey Rauch
Methods Appl. Anal. 12 (3), 267-278, (September 2005) Open Access
Weike Wang
Methods Appl. Anal. 12 (3), 279-290, (September 2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: compressible flow, Conservation laws, general Navier-Stokes equation, multi-dimensions, Green’s function, pointwise estimate, 35L65, 76N15
Paulo Amorim, Matania Ben-Artzi, Philippe G. LeFloch
Methods Appl. Anal. 12 (3), 291-324, (September 2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: hyperbolic conservation law, Riemannian manifold, Entropy solution, Total variation, finite volume method, 35L65, 74J40, 58J, 76N10
W. Lambert, D. Marchesin, J. Bruining
Methods Appl. Anal. 12 (3), 325-348, (September 2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Porous medium, steamdrive, Riemann solution, balance equations, multiphase flow, 35L60, 35L67, 76S05
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