VOL. 71 · NO. 2 | August 2003
Front Matter
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (2), (August 2003) Open Access
A Collection of Papers on Environmental Statistics
Peter Guttorp
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (2), 169-179, (August 2003)
KEYWORDS: model assessment, Heterogeneous correlation, Hidden Markov model, General circulation models, downscaling, risk assessment
Christopher K. Wikle
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (2), 181-199, (August 2003)
KEYWORDS: Bayesian, CAR, Change of support, Climate, Co-kriging, conditional, convolution, Dynamic, Markov random field, MCMC, ozone, PDE, spatial, spatio-temporal, Spectral
Montserrat Fuentes, Peter Guttorp, Peter Challenor
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (2), 201-221, (August 2003)
KEYWORDS: Bayesian estimation, kriging, Nonstationary spatial covariance, variogram, Spatial deformation model
Laurent Bertino,, Geir Evensen, Hans Wackernagel
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (2), 223-241, (August 2003)
KEYWORDS: data assimilation, Geostatistics, Kalman filter, Non-linear dynamical systems, state-space models, Ecological model
Francesca Dominici, Lianne Sheppard, Merlise Clyde
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (2), 243-276, (August 2003)
KEYWORDS: time series, Air pollution, Epidemiological Designs, hierarchical models, Exposure Measurement error, model choice
Regular papers
O.J.W.F. Kardaun, D. Salomé, W. Schaafsma, A.G.M. Steerneman, J.C. Willems, D.R. Cox
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (2), 277-318, (August 2003)
KEYWORDS: Bayesian analysis, decision analysis, Distributional inference, Epistemic uncertainty, Foundations of probability theory and statistics, Likelihood approach, nonparametric statistics, Objectivistic and personalistic interpretation of probability, Possibility theory, Prior distributions, semiparametric statistics, time series analysis
Eugene Seneta
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (2), 319-334, (August 2003)
KEYWORDS: Statistical regularity, Cause, Free will, Weak law of large numbers, Statistical independence and dependence, Social Physics, Moscow Mathematical School
Petra M. Kuhnert, Kerrie Mengersen, Peter Tesar
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (2), 335-368, (August 2003)
KEYWORDS: Binary response, Cardiac morbidity, decision trees, generalized additive models, generalized linear models, Multiple Additive Regression Trees, reliability, Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines
Andrew Gelman
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (2), 369-382, (August 2003)
KEYWORDS: bootstrap, Fisher's exact test, graphics, mixture model, model checking, multiple imputation, Prior predictive check, posterior predictive check, $p$-value, $u$-value
Jyotirmoy Dey, R.V. Erickson, R.V. Ramamoorthi
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (2), 383-401, (August 2003)
KEYWORDS: Neutral to right, beta process, beta-Stacy process, posterior consistency, cumulative hazard function, Bayesian nonparametric inference, Independent increment process, right-censored observations
Marianne Frisén
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (2), 403-434, (August 2003)
KEYWORDS: Change-point, Control chart, CUSUM, EWMA, likelihood ratio, Monitoring, quality control, Repeated decisions, Shewhart, statistical process control, stopping rule
Wolfgang Härdle, Joel Horowitz, Jens-Peter Kreiss
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (2), 435-459, (August 2003)
KEYWORDS: Resampling, block bootstrap, Asymptotic approximation confidence interval
Yunkee Ahn, Buhn Nam, Chul Eung Kim
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (2), 461-467, (August 2003)
KEYWORDS: cooperation, Governmental data, Official statistics, Statistical training
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