VOL. 71 · NO. 1 | April 2003
Special issue on the development of information and communication technology
Asta Manninen, Lea Parjo, Heli Jeskanen-Sundström
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (1), (April 2003)
Heli Jeskanen-Sundström
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (1), 5-15, (April 2003)
KEYWORDS: Information society, New economy, Intellectual capital, Impacts, Indicators
Andrew W. Wyckoff
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (1), 17-31, (April 2003)
KEYWORDS: Information society, Economic impact, Societal impact, Information Economy, Policy and statistics, growth, ICT value added
Jozef Olenski
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (1), 33-48, (April 2003)
KEYWORDS: Official statistics, Statistical ethics, Standardisation, Harmonisation, Meta-data, IT environment, Citizens' rights to information
Fred Gault, Greg Peterson
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (1), 49-57, (April 2003)
KEYWORDS: Statistical system, electronic commerce, Information and communication technologies, Policy and statistics
Tim Power
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (1), 59-67, (April 2003)
KEYWORDS: Information, Communications, Technology, Technologies, ICT, IT, Internet, industry, Commodity, business, household, government, statistics, Computer, Hardware, software, Telecommunication
Hiroyuki Kitada
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (1), 69-82, (April 2003)
KEYWORDS: Information society, Official Statistical Surveys, IT-indicators, ICT usage, Infrastructure, Impact
R. Ramachandran
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (1), 83-107, (April 2003)
KEYWORDS: Data knowledge chain, Conceptual framework, Measurement parameters, Hard and soft factors, Internet Subscriber Study (ISS)
Regular articles
John Aldrich
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (1), 109-129, (April 2003)
KEYWORDS: Statistical notation, karl Pearson, R.A. Fisher
Jouni Kuha, Jonathan Temple
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (1), 131-150, (April 2003)
KEYWORDS: Corrected score, errors-in-variables, Income inequality, Kuznets curve, method of moments, regression calibration
Efthymios G. Tsionas
Internat. Statist. Rev. 71 (1), 151-168, (April 2003)
KEYWORDS: Leptokurtosis, model comparison, Markov Chain Carlo, Unit roots, asymmetry, Business cycles, Industrial production
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