VOL. 17 · NO. 1 | 2008
Experiment. Math. 17 (1), (2008) Open Access
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Mitsuyuki Ochiai, Noriko Morimura
Experiment. Math. 17 (1), 1-8, (2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: knot, tangle decomposition, polynomial invariant, mutation, 57N10, 57M25
I. S. Dhillon, R. W. Heath Jr., T. Strohmer, J. A. Tropp
Experiment. Math. 17 (1), 9-35, (2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Combinatorial optimization, Packing, projective spaces, Grassmannian spaces, Tammes’ Problem, 51N15, 52C17
L. J. P. Kilford, Gabor Wiese
Experiment. Math. 17 (1), 37-52, (2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Multiplicities of Galois representations, Gorenstein property, Hecke algebras, mod-$p$ modular forms, 11F80, 11F33, 11F25
Michal Kouril, Jerome L. Paul
Experiment. Math. 17 (1), 53-61, (2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Van der Waerden numbers, combinatorics, high-performance computing, Beowulf clusters, FPGAs, 68R05, 05D10
Andrzej Dudek, Vojtĕech Rödl
Experiment. Math. 17 (1), 63-67, (2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Folkman numbers, generalized Ramsey theory, Extremal problems, 05C55, 05C35
Tewodros Amdeberhan, Dante Manna, Victor H. Moll
Experiment. Math. 17 (1), 69-82, (2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: valuations, Stirling numbers, 11B50, 05A15
Andrej Dujella, Vinko Petričcević
Experiment. Math. 17 (1), 83-89, (2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Diophantine triples, Elliptic curves, 11D09, 11G05, 11Y50
Mizan Khan, Igor E. Shparlinski, Christian L. Yankov
Experiment. Math. 17 (1), 91-104, (2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: modular inversion, Convex hull, distribution of divisors, 11A07, 11H06, 11K38, 11N25
Mark Watkins
Experiment. Math. 17 (1), 105-125, (2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Elliptic curves, asymptotic count, vanishing $L$-function, 14H52, 14G10
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