VOL. 14 · NO. 3 | 2005
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Experiment. Math. 14 (3), (2005) Open Access
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Wolfgang Lempken, Trung van Tran
Experiment. Math. 14 (3), 257-269, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Logarithmic signatures, group factorizations, double cosets, finite simple groups, cryptosystems, 20D99, 94A60
William Geller, Michał Misiurewicz
Experiment. Math. 14 (3), 271-275, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Game of Life, substitutions, 37B15, 37B10
Jurgen Müller, Max Neunhöffer
Experiment. Math. 14 (3), 277-283, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Foulkes' conjecture, Symmetric group, representations of symmetric groups, plythysm, wreath product, 05E10, 20C30, 20C40
J. Hyam Rubinstein, Robert Sinclair
Experiment. Math. 14 (3), 285-298, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Ricci flow, neckpinch, mathematical visualization, 53C44, 53-04
Sylvie Oliffson Kamphorst, Sônia Pinto-de-Carvalho
Experiment. Math. 14 (3), 299-306, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Billiards, elliptic islands, 37J40, 37E40, 37M99
Hiroki Sumida-Takahashi
Experiment. Math. 14 (3), 307-316, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Iwasawa invariant, K-group, Vandiver's conjecture, Greenberg's conjecture, 11R23, 11R70
David H. Bailey, Karthik Jeyabalan, Xiaoye S. Li
Experiment. Math. 14 (3), 317-329, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Numerical quadrature, numerical integration, arbitrary precision, 65D30
Wayne Rossman
Experiment. Math. 14 (3), 331-342, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Delaunay surfaces, constant mean curvature, bifurcation, 53A10
Kok Seng Chua
Experiment. Math. 14 (3), 343-357, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Modular lattices, quadratic iterations, McKay Thompson series, $M_{23}$, Hauptmodul, $\pi$, 11F03, 11H31, 11Y60
S. J. Nickerson, R. A. Wilson
Experiment. Math. 14 (3), 359-371, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Sporadic simple groups, standard generators, black box algorithms, 20D08, 20F05
Harm Pralle
Experiment. Math. 14 (3), 373-384, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Backtrack algorithm, dual polar spaces, hyperplanes, subspace lattice, symplectic polar space, 05E15, 05E20, 51A50, 51E20
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