VOL. 14 · NO. 4 | 2005
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Experiment. Math. 14 (4), (2005) Open Access
No abstract available
Teruaki Kitano, Masaaki Suzuki
Experiment. Math. 14 (4), 385-390, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Knot groups, surjective homomorphisms, partial order, Rolfsen's knot table, twisted Alexander invariants, 57M25, 06A06, 57M05, 57M27
J. Brzeziński, W. Holsztyński, P. Kurlberg
Experiment. Math. 14 (4), 391-401, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Diophantine equation, linear congruence, divisor function, 11D45, 11A25, 11D72
David W. Boyd, Michael J. Mossinghoff
Experiment. Math. 14 (4), 403-414, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Lehmer's problem, Mahler measure, 11C08, 11R09, 11Y35
H. -C. Graf von Bothmer, F. -O. Schreyer
Experiment. Math. 14 (4), 415-422, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Irreducibility test, multivariate polynomials, black box polynomials, finite fields, 12E05
Ryan Harkins, Eric Weber, Andrew Westmeyer
Experiment. Math. 14 (4), 423-433, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: cryptography, finite frames, Random matrix, 94A6-, 68P25, 42C99
Henry King, Kevin Knudson, Neža Mramor
Experiment. Math. 14 (4), 435-444, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: discrete Morse theory, Persistence, 57Q99, 68U05, 57R70, 58E05, 65D18, 65R99
Jan Snellman
Experiment. Math. 14 (4), 445-456, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Ring of differential operators, hyperplane arrangement, free resolution, 13N10, 14J70
Lassina Dembélé
Experiment. Math. 14 (4), 457-466, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hilbert modular forms, automorphic forms, Brandt matrices, 11-xx, 11GXX
Martin Deraux
Experiment. Math. 14 (4), 467-490, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Complex hyperbolic geometry, Dirichlet fundamental polyhedron, nonarithmetic lattices, 22E40, 32Q45, 51M20
Daniel Allcock
Experiment. Math. 14 (4), 491-509, (2005) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Leech lattices, S-lattices, Golay code, Orbit, 20D08, 11H06
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