Special Volume in Honor of Prof. Stephen Smale
VOL. 10 · NO. 1 | 2011
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Commun. Math. Anal. 10 (1), (2011)
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Toka Diagana
Commun. Math. Anal. 10 (1), 1-4, (2011)
Chérif Amrouche, Luisa Consiglieri
Commun. Math. Anal. 10 (1), 5-29, (2011)
KEYWORDS: Stokes equations, Oseen equations, weighted Sobolev spaces, 35D05,, 35D10, 35J45, 76D07
Abraham A. Ungar
Commun. Math. Anal. 10 (1), 30-56, (2011)
KEYWORDS: hyperbolic geometry, special relativity, relativistic mass, Particle system, center of momentum, 83A05, 51M10
Simeon Reich, Alexander J. Zaslavski
Commun. Math. Anal. 10 (1), 57-63, (2011)
KEYWORDS: attractor, Hausdorff distance, metric space, nonexpansive set-valued mapping, trajectory, 47H04, 47H09, 47H10, 54E35
Agostino Prástaro
Commun. Math. Anal. 10 (1), 64-81, (2011)
KEYWORDS: Integral bordisms in PDE's, Existence of local and global solutions in PDE's, Conservation laws, crystallographic groups, Singular PDE's, PDE's on complex manifolds category, PDE's on quantum supermanifolds category, 55N22, 58J32, 57R20, 58C50, 58J42, 20H15, 32Q55, 32S20
Sever S. Dragomir
Commun. Math. Anal. 10 (1), 82-104, (2011)
KEYWORDS: Degenerate elliptic equations, weighted Sobolev spaces, wave equation, convexity, convexity, 47A63, 47A99
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