VOL. 25 · NO. 4B | November 2019
Bernoulli 25 (4B), (November 2019) Open Access
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Florence Merlevède, Magda Peligrad, Sergey Utev
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3203-3233, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/18-BEJ1088
KEYWORDS: $\rho$-mixing arrays, dependent structures, functional central limit theorem, non-stationary triangular arrays, Projective criteria
Maylis Varvenne
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3234-3275, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/18-BEJ1089
KEYWORDS: discrete stochastic dynamics, Lyapunov function, Rate of convergence to equilibrium, stationary Gaussian noise, Toeplitz operator, total variation distance
Fadoua Balabdaoui, Cécile Durot, Hanna Jankowski
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3276-3310, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/18-BEJ1090
KEYWORDS: least squares, maximum likelihood, monotone, semi-parametric, shape-constraints, Single-index model
Toshio Honda, Ching-Kang Ing, Wei-Ying Wu
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3311-3338, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/18-BEJ1091
KEYWORDS: Additive models, B-spline, high-dimensional information criteria, Lasso, structure identification, varying coefficient models
Giacomo Aletti, Irene Crimaldi, Andrea Ghiglietti
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3339-3378, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/18-BEJ1092
KEYWORDS: asymptotic normality, complex networks, Interacting systems, reinforced stochastic processes, synchronization, urn models
Ronald W. Butler, Andrew T.A. Wood
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3379-3399, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/18-BEJ1093
KEYWORDS: compound distribution, first-passage distribution, regular variation, saddlepoint approximation, Tauberian arguments
Wenhua Jiang, Cun-Hui Zhang
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3400-3420, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/18-BEJ1094
KEYWORDS: Gaussian mixtures, Hermite polynomials, likelihood ratio test, rate of divergence, two-component mixtures
Gilles Blanchard, Oleksandr Zadorozhnyi
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3421-3458, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/18-BEJ1095
KEYWORDS: Banach-valued process, Bernstein inequality, Concentration, Spectral regularization, Weak dependence
Eitan Greenshtein, Ariel Mantzura, Ya’acov Ritov
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3459-3478, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/18-BEJ1096
KEYWORDS: Empirical Bayes, Exchangeable, Kalman filter, shrinkage estimators
Bastien Mallein, Sanjay Ramassamy
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3479-3495, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/18-BEJ1097
KEYWORDS: Barak–Erdős graphs, infinite-bin model, interacting particle systems, longest path, Random graphs, two-sided Markov chains
Dimitrios Pilavakis, Efstathios Paparoditis, Theofanis Sapatinas
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3496-3526, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/18-BEJ1099
KEYWORDS: functional time series, $K$-sample mean problem, mean function, Moving block bootstrap, spectral density operator, tapered block bootstrap
Patrice Bertail, Stephan Clémençon
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3527-3554, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/18-BEJ1101
KEYWORDS: coupling, Esscher transformation, Exponential inequality, Poisson survey scheme, rejective sampling, survey sampling
Simon Barthelmé, Pierre-Olivier Amblard, Nicolas Tremblay
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3555-3589, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/18-BEJ1102
KEYWORDS: Determinantal point processes, Point processes, saddlepoint approximation
Johannes Heiny, Thomas Mikosch
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3590-3622, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/18-BEJ1103
KEYWORDS: cluster Poisson limit, convergence, dependent entries, Fréchet distribution, infinite variance stable limit, large deviations, largest eigenvalues, point process, regular variation, sample autocovariance matrix, Trace
Jim Pitman, Yuri Yakubovich
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3623-3651, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/19-BEJ1104
KEYWORDS: GEM distribution, interleaving of simple point processes, residual allocation model, stars and bars duality, stationary renewal process, Yule process
Shen Lin
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3652-3672, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/19-BEJ1106
KEYWORDS: Galton–Watson tree, harmonic measure, Random walk, stationary measure
Sandro Franceschi, Kilian Raschel
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3673-3713, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/19-BEJ1107
KEYWORDS: boundary value problem with shift, Carleman-type boundary value problem, conformal mapping, Laplace transform, reflected Brownian motion in a wedge, stationary distribution
Jean-Baptiste Gouéré, Marie Théret
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3714-3733, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/19-BEJ1108
KEYWORDS: Boolean model, continuum percolation, critical point
Liron Ravner, Onno Boxma, Michel Mandjes
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3734-3761, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/19-BEJ1109
KEYWORDS: Lévy-driven queue, nonparametric estimation, Poisson probing, transient queueing, queue input estimation
Benjamin Colling, Ingrid Van Keilegom
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3762-3795, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/19-BEJ1110
KEYWORDS: asymptotic properties, Identification, kernel smoothing, Nonparametric regression, nonparametric transformation
Yuichi Shiozawa, Jian Wang
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3796-3831, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/19-BEJ1111
KEYWORDS: Dirichlet form, heat kernel, symmetric jump process, upper rate function
Saptarshi Chakraborty, Kshitij Khare
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3832-3863, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/19-BEJ1112
KEYWORDS: Data Augmentation algorithms, eigenvalues of Markov operators, MCMC convergence, trace class Markov operators
Piotr Kokoszka, Stilian Stoev, Qian Xiong
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3864-3882, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/19-BEJ1113
KEYWORDS: functional data, principal components, regular variation
Olga Klopp, Yu Lu, Alexandre B. Tsybakov, Harrison H. Zhou
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3883-3911, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/19-BEJ1114
KEYWORDS: Matrix completion, matrix estimation, Minimax optimality, mixture model, Stochastic block model
Patrice Bertail, François Portier
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3912-3938, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/19-BEJ1115
KEYWORDS: Concentration inequalities, kernel smoothing, Markov chains, Metropolis Hastings, Rademacher complexity
Krzysztof Burdzy, Bartosz Kołodziejek, Tvrtko Tadić
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3939-3977, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/19-BEJ1116
KEYWORDS: ARMA models, inverse-gamma distribution, iterated random sequences, Stochastic fixed point equation, tail estimates, time series
Adrien Saumard
Bernoulli 25 (4B), 3978-4006, (November 2019) DOI: 10.3150/19-BEJ1117
KEYWORDS: concentration inequality, covariance identity, isoperimetric constant, Stein kernel, tail bound, weighted log-Sobolev inequality, weighted Poincaré inequality
Bernoulli 25 (4B), (November 2019) Open Access
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