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Real Analysis Exchange publishes research, and survey and inroads articles in classical real variables and in several related areas.

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I-ConvergencePavel Kostyrko, Władysław Wilczyński, and Tibor ŠalátVolume 26, Number 2 (2000)
The Lebesgue differentiation theorem via the rising sun lemma.Claude-Alain FaureVolume 29, Number 2 (2003)
The Takagi Function: a SurveyPieter C. Allaart and Kiko KawamuraVolume 37, Number 1 (2011)
I and I <sup>*</sup>- Convergence of NetsB. K. Lahiri and Pratulananda DasVolume 33, Number 2 (2007)
Analysis of Minkowski contents of fractal sets and applications.Darko ŽubrinićVolume 31, Number 2 (2005)
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