Nagoya Mathematical Journal

On the moduli of stable sheaves on a reducible projective scheme and examples on a reducible quadric surface

Michi-Aki Inaba

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We study the moduli space of stable sheaves on a reducible projective scheme by use of a suitable stratification of the moduli space. Each stratum is the moduli space of "triples"', which is the main object investigated in this paper. As an application, we can see that the relative moduli space of rank two stable sheaves on quadric surfaces gives a nontrivial example of the relative moduli space which is not flat over the base space.

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Nagoya Math. J., Volume 166 (2002), 135-181.

First available in Project Euclid: 27 April 2005

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Primary: 14D20: Algebraic moduli problems, moduli of vector bundles {For analytic moduli problems, see 32G13}
Secondary: 14J60: Vector bundles on surfaces and higher-dimensional varieties, and their moduli [See also 14D20, 14F05, 32Lxx]


Inaba, Michi-Aki. On the moduli of stable sheaves on a reducible projective scheme and examples on a reducible quadric surface. Nagoya Math. J. 166 (2002), 135--181.

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