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The Institute of Mathematical Statistics COLLECTIONS includes multi-author volumes of a variety of types, including festschrifts, proceedings, collected works and memorials.

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Reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces of Gaussian priorsA. W. van der Vaart and J. H. van ZantenPushing the Limits of Contemporary Statistics: Contributions in Honor of Jayanta K. Ghosh (2008)
Sampling from a ManifoldPersi Diaconis, Susan Holmes, and Mehrdad ShahshahaniAdvances in Modern Statistical Theory and Applications: A Festschrift in honor of Morris L. Eaton (2013)
Gaussian integrals involving absolute value functionsWenbo V. Li and Ang WeiHigh Dimensional Probability V: The Luminy Volume (2009)
Chi-square lower boundsMark G. LowBorrowing Strength: Theory Powering Applications – A Festschrift for Lawrence D. Brown (2010)
On Detecting Fake Coin Flip SequencesMichael A. Kouritzin, Fraser Newton, Sterling Orsten, and Daniel C. WilsonMarkov Processes and Related Topics: A Festschrift for Thomas G. Kurtz (2008)
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  • Publisher: The Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  • Discipline(s): Statistics and Probability
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