Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics

Acceptance sampling reliability test plans for alpha distributed lifetime

Maroof A. Khan and H. M. Islam

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Determining the acceptability of any product, reliability sampling plans are used. In this paper, reliability sampling plans for truncated life test are developed when the lifetimes of a test follow an alpha distribution. The sampling plan proposed here can save the test time in practical situations. Sampling plans are established through an algorithm. Moreover, some tables are provided for the proposed sampling plans so that proposed method can be used conveniently for the practitioner. Operating characteristic values of the sampling plans are also presented. Examples are provided to illustrate its use.

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Braz. J. Probab. Stat., Volume 27, Number 4 (2013), 553-564.

First available in Project Euclid: 9 September 2013

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Consumer risk alpha distribution OC curve reliability test plan producer risk


Khan, Maroof A.; Islam, H. M. Acceptance sampling reliability test plans for alpha distributed lifetime. Braz. J. Probab. Stat. 27 (2013), no. 4, 553--564. doi:10.1214/11-BJPS181.

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