Features of Project Euclid

Project Euclid offers publishers a convenient and affordable method of distributing content online through a robust platform with advanced features and functionality, including:

COUNTER-compliant usage statistics for libraries

Project Euclid provides all institutional subscribers with COUNTER-compliant usage statistics. The COUNTER code of practice specifies common methods of recording and exchanging online usage data. The provision of such data is increasingly expected of online publishers.

Visit our Library usage statistics page for more information.

DOI registration via CrossRef

Project Euclid, as a sponsoring member of CrossRef, can acquire individual DOI prefixes for publishers and automatically deposit DOIs with CrossRef on behalf of its publishers. DOIs are displyed on article abstract pages.

Examples: Journal of Differential Geometry | Functiones et Approximatio Commentarii Mathematici

Cross linking to MathSciNet (Math Reviews) and zbMATH

Project Euclid automatically builds links from articles to the indexing and reviewing services MathSciNet (Math Reviews) and zbMATH. For any article in Project Euclid without such links, the system performs regular, automated "lookups." If a match is discovered, the link is made available on the Euclid abstract page. In addition, Project Euclid works closely with both these services to ensure that they include links back to Euclid.

Examples: Michigan Mathematical Journal | Acta Mathematica

Email alerts and RSS feeds

Users can register to follow publications by receiving an emailed table of contents when a new issue is published. They can also sign up to ingest new issues or articles of any publication in their RSS feeds.

Examples: Algebraic & Geometric Topology (right-hand navigation bar) | Euclid RSS feeds

Reference linking

Using automated processes, Project Euclid extracts and parses article reference sections, performs article lookups in remote databases, and provides outbound links when available. The results are displayed in an article's "References" tab.

Examples: Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic | Proceedings of the Japan Academy | Duke Mathematical Journal


Publishers may sell individual articles or book chapters to non-subscribers on a pay-per-view (PPV) basis. When available, a user clicks the "Buy Article" button on the article abstract page, provides credit card information, and receives access to download the article once payment is confirmed. PPV prices are determined by the publisher.

Examples: Bernoulli | Regional Conference Series in Probability and Statistics


Project Euclid facilitates print-on-demand (POD) options for select content through multiple outside vendors. This service is available for individual monographs and journal issues, and it is the only way to purchase print through Project Euclid. Please contact us if you are interested in offering this service.

Examples: Mathematical Society of Japan Memoirs | IMS Lecture Notes - Monograph Series | Duke Mathematical Journal

Flexible open access settings

Publishers can elect to set automatic open access windows as well as open up individual journal issues or articles as needed.

Examples: Geometry & Topology | Annals of Probability | Statistical Science

Dynamic publication home pages

Each title's landing page displays a dynamic list of the top downloaded articles or chapters over the last seven days. To allow editors and publishers to highlight information of interest to readers and authors, an optional text box is also available to display, for example, special notices, citation statistics, impact factors, indexes, scope statements, or calls for papers.

Examples: Bayesian Analysis | Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan | Advances in Operator Theory

Featured article discovery widget

The featured article box allows publishers to showcase a link to a notable article by displaying the title, article, and abstract on the title’s home page.

Examples: Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic | Duke Mathematical Journal

Publisher home pages

In addition to their publication sites, every publisher has a home page providing details about the organization, a link to its website, a list of its publications on Euclid, and the week's top downloads. Additional notices can be posted to this page.

Examples: Institute of Mathematical Statistics | MSP (Mathematical Sciences Publishers) | Tusi Mathematical Research Group

Ahead-of-print and online first publication

Project Euclid supports a variety of advance publication options, including:

  • listing titles of accepted papers
  • posting forthcoming papers in their accepted or final form ahead of print publication
  • continuous publication of growing issues

Examples: Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis | Taiwanese Journal of Mathematics | Abstract and Applied Analysis

Special issue titles

Themed issues can be displayed with special titles on table of contents pages. Notices of special issues can also be displayed on the publication's landing page.

Examples: Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan | Illinois Journal of Mathematics

Support for attractive math on the web, via MathJax and MathML

Project Euclid has implemented MathJax across our entire site, and supports MathML as well. This means that math expressions will be attractively displayed when they appear on our web pages. Visit our MathJax page for more information.

Examples: Differential and Integral Equations | Algebra & Number Theory | Arkiv för Matematik

Rich metadata

Our article- and chapter-level metadata can capture and display detailed (optional) publication information, including:

  • dates publication was received, revised, and accepted
  • notes for acknowledging funding sources or collaborators
  • rights and licensing terms

Examples: Acta Mathematica | Journal of Differential Geometry | Kyoto Journal of Mathematics

Support for supplemental materials

Publishers may provide supplemental materials (charts, figures, data sets, etc.) to those users with access to the article full text.

Examples: Annals of Applied Statistics | Bayesian Analysis

Forward and backward linking, article cross references

Articles can be linked to later corrections (forward linking), and the correction to its original article (backward linking). Cross references ("see also" links) to other articles or chapters, in Euclid or not, can be included.

Examples: Annals of Statistics | Kodai Math. Seminar Reports | Pacific Journal of Math. | Proceedings of the Imperial Academy

Support for multilingual article data

Project Euclid supports the capture and display of multilingual descriptive metadata.

Examples: Bull. Belgian Math. Soc. Simon Stevin | Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics | Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré Probab. Statist.