VOL. 11 · NO. 3 | September 2018
Naveed Latif, Đilda Pečarić, Josip Pečarić
Tbilisi Math. J. 11 (3), 1-27, (September 2018) DOI: 10.32513/tbilisi/1538532023 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Majorization inequailty, Csiszár $f$-divergence, Zipf-Mandelbrot law, Zipf's law in linguistic, Rényi $\alpha$-order entropy, variational distance, Hellinger discrimination, $\chi^{2}$-distance and triangular discrimination, 94A15, 94A17, 26A51‎, 26D15
E. I. Jafarov, A. M. Jafarova, S. M. Nagiyev
Tbilisi Math. J. 11 (3), 29-39, (September 2018) DOI: 10.32513/tbilisi/1538532024 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Meixner-Pollaczek polynomials, finite-difference equation, recurrence relations, 33C45, 39A10, 42C05
Mohammad Saeed Khan, Dinu Teodorescu
Tbilisi Math. J. 11 (3), 41-45, (September 2018) DOI: 10.32513/tbilisi/1538532025 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hyers-Ulam stability, nonlinear integral equation, strongly monotone operator, real Hilbert space, Lipschitz operator, 45G10, 45M10, 47G10, 47H05
Hesham Reyad, Farrukh Jamal, Soha Othman, G. G. Hamedani
Tbilisi Math. J. 11 (3), 47-67, (September 2018) DOI: 10.32513/tbilisi/1538532026 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Rényi and Shanon entropies, Gompertz-G family, maximum likelihood estimates, order statistic, stress strength model, transmuted-G family, 62Exx, 62Fxx, 62H05
Michael Ching, John E. Harper
Tbilisi Math. J. 11 (3), 69-79, (September 2018) DOI: 10.32513/tbilisi/1538532027 Open Access
KEYWORDS: symmetric spectra, structured ring spectra, calculus of functors, operads, topological Quillen homology, 55P43, 55U35, 55P48, 18G55
Subuhi Khan, Tabinda Nahid
Tbilisi Math. J. 11 (3), 81-93, (September 2018) DOI: 10.32513/tbilisi/1538532028 Open Access
KEYWORDS: connection coefficients, Duplication coefficients, Hybrid Sheffer polynomials, Creation matrix, Generalized Pascal matrix, 33F10, 68W30, 41A58, 11B83, 15A16
Paolo Emilio Ricci
Tbilisi Math. J. 11 (3), 95-106, (September 2018) DOI: 10.32513/tbilisi/1538532029 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Sheffer polynomials, generating functions, Monomiality principle, Shift operators, Combinatorial analysis, 33C99, 05A10, 11P81
Jamshaid Ahmad, Ahmed Al-Rawashdeh
Tbilisi Math. J. 11 (3), 107-123, (September 2018) DOI: 10.32513/tbilisi/1538532030 Open Access
KEYWORDS: common fixed point, $\Theta$-contractions, metric space, 30C45, 30C10, 47B38
Abhishek Singh, Shyam Kishor
Tbilisi Math. J. 11 (3), 125-132, (September 2018) DOI: 10.32513/tbilisi/1538532031 Open Access
KEYWORDS: para-Kenmotsu manifold, Ricci operator, Riemannian curvature tensor, Riemannian manifold, 53C15, 53C25, 53C26
Ferit Gürbüz
Tbilisi Math. J. 11 (3), 133-156, (September 2018) DOI: 10.32513/tbilisi/1538532032 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Marcinkiewicz operator, Rough kernel, ‎Schrödinger operator‎, generalized local Morrey space, generalized vanishing local Morrey space, commutator, local Campanato space, parametric Marcinkiewicz integral, 42B20, 42B25, 42B35
Chang-Mu Chu, Lin Li
Tbilisi Math. J. 11 (3), 157-174, (September 2018) DOI: 10.32513/tbilisi/1538532033 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Singular degenerate elliptic system, Critical Hardy-Sobolev exponents, concave-convex nonlinearities, Sign-changing weight functions, variational methods, 35J20, 35J60, 58E05
Vishnu Narayan Mishra, Rishikesh Yadav
Tbilisi Math. J. 11 (3), 175-191, (September 2018) DOI: 10.32513/tbilisi/1538532034 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Szász-Mirakjan operators, Kantorovich operators, Korovkin-type approximation results, modulus of smoothness, Peetre's K-functional, weighted modulus of continuity, 41A25, 41A35, 41A36
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