VOL. 47 · NO. 1 | 2022
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Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), (2022)
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Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), i, (2022)
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Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), ii-iii, (2022)
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Surveys Articles
Riccardo Camerlo
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 1-24, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1593058128
KEYWORDS: Hierarchies of sets, Reducibilities, Automata, 03-03, 01A55, 01A60, 01A65
Research Articles
Marcus Pivato, Vassili Vergopoulos
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 25-62, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1616571168
KEYWORDS: regular open sets, Boolean algebra, Borel measure, compactification, Stone space, Gleason cover, 60B05, 28C15, 28A60
Gertruda Ivanova, Irena Domnik
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 63-74, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1590599512
KEYWORDS: function spaces, cliquish function, Baire 1 function, porosity, Darboux property, 26A30, ‎54C30, 54C35‎
Daniel Perry
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 75-96, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1598582300
KEYWORDS: contact manifolds, unrectifiability, Lipschitz homotopy groups, Heisenberg group, geometric measure theory, sub-Riemannian manifold, 53C17, 57K33, 28A75, 55Q70, 53D10
K. P. S. Bhaskara Rao
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 97-102, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1600145293
KEYWORDS: charges, extension theorem, regular open set, Boolean algebra of regular open sets, 28A10, 28A05, 06E05, 03E99
Şahin Koçak, Murat Limoncu
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 103-120, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1602263520
KEYWORDS: generalized convexity, differential inequality, Alexandrov geometry, 26A51‎, 52A55
P. Viswanathan
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 121-134, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1610537860
KEYWORDS: relatively bounded operators, nonlinear operators, space of operators, Banach space, Banach Algebra, 47L05, 47L10, 47L25
E. S. Coulam, T.H. Steele
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 135-146, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1613920060
KEYWORDS: Baire function, Borel function, $\omega $-limit set, 54H25, 26A18, 37B99
Jung-Chao Ban, Chih-Hung Chang, Wen-Guei Hu, Guan-Yu Lai, Yu-Liang Wu
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 147-166, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1614278701
KEYWORDS: multiplicative shift spaces, topologically mixing property, 37B10
João Paulos
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 167-178, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1625080320
KEYWORDS: descriptive set theory, Reflexive Spaces, point spectrum, 03E15, 46B10, 47A10
Hüseyin Albayrak, Öznur Ölmez, Salih Aytar
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 179-190, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1618849755
KEYWORDS: Sequences of sets, Hausdorff convergence, $\mathcal{I}$-convergence, 40A05, 54A20
Tomas Persson
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 191-206, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1619498208
KEYWORDS: Mass transference principle, Hausdorff dimension, 28A78, 28A80
Juan Ferrera, Javier Gómez Gil, Jesús Llorente
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 207-236, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1628458590
KEYWORDS: Takagi class, second order differentiability, Taylor expansion of order two, Stepanov condition of order two, convexity, 26A24, 26A30, 26A45, 26A51‎
Inroads Articles
Martin E. Price
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 237-248, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1596546460
KEYWORDS: decreasing rearrangement, Bubble Sort, 28A20, 41A99
Errata Articles
Stuart A. Burrell
Real Anal. Exchange 47 (1), 249-250, (2022) DOI: 10.14321/realanalexch.47.1.1619166768
KEYWORDS: inhomogeneous attractor, Hausdorff measure, 28A80, 28A78
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