VOL. 27 · NO. 1 | 2001/2002
Front Matter
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), (2001/2002) Open Access
No abstract available
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), (2001/2002) Open Access
No abstract available
Manav Das
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 7-16, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: packings, weak-packings, Vitali property, Davies' space, 28A80, 28A78
Zoltán Boros
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 17-26, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: differentiability, Real function, additive function, 26A24, 26A30, 39B22
Harvey Rosen
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 27-40, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Porous sets, boundary sets, spaces of Darboux-like real functions, 26A15, 54C35‎
Eduardo H. M. Brietzke
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 41-48, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Monotonicity of Coefficients, renewal equation, Tauberian theorems, 30B10, 65Q05, ‎39B62
M. Elekes
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 49-64, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Baire 1, pointwise ordering, total order, 26A2106A05, 06A05
Marianna Csörnyei
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 65-70, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Packing measure, premeasure, doubling gauge function, 28A78, 28A80
A. B. Kharazishvili
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 71-76, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: commutative group, measure, nonmeasurable subgroup, Banach-Kuratowski matrix, Ulam matrix, 28A05, 28D05
F. S. Cater
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 77-80, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Gevrey differentiable, complete metric, 26A27, 26A99
K. M. Garg
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 81-122, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: biderivates, derivative, median, bimonotonicity, bi-lipschitz property, biderivate theorems, median theorems, 26A24, 26A27, 26A30, 26A15, 26A16, 26A21, 26A48
A. V. Medvedev
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 123-130, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: modulus of continuity, majorant, Concave, 26A15
Márton Elekes, Tamás Keleti, Vilmos Prokaj
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 131-140, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: fixed point, derivative, composition, gradient, Level set, connected, 26A99, 26A15, 26B99, 54H25
Ryszard J. Pawlak, Władysław Wilczyński, Bozena Świątek
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 141-154, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Darboux function, quasicontinuous function, porosity, 26A21, 26A24
S. V. Konyagin, H. Queffélec
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 155-176, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Dirichlet series, Almost everywhere convergence, abscissa of convergence, Rudin-Shapiro like polynomials, $p$-Sidon set, number-theoretic function, 40F05, 42A05, 42A20, 42A32, 42A61, 60D05
Sandra Meinershagen
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 177-190, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hausdorff measure, Packing measure, 28A80
Károly Simon
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 191-208, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Multifractal analysis, exceptional set, 28A78, 28A80
Christian Richter
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 209-222, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: cliquish function, quasicontinuous function, pointwise limit, quasiuniform limit, pseudometrizable space, separable metric space, Baire space, 54C08
P. Muldowney, V. A. Skvortsov
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 223-234, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Henstock integral, Lebesgue integral in infinite dimensions, Wiener measure, 26A39, 28C20, ‎46G12
Yong Tae Kim, C. W. Kim
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 235-248, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Ring, algebra, measure, outer measure, measurability, 28A12
S. Mitra
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 249-260, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Peano derivate, approximate derivate, de la Vall\'ee Poussin derivate, porosity, $n$-convexity, 26A24
Hugo Aimar, Liliana Forzani
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 261-268, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Besicovitch, covering lemma, real variable theory, 42B99, 26B99
Vilmos Prokaj
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 269-274, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: singular measure, $\sigma$-porous set, 28A12, 28A35, 28A05
Piotr Sworowski
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 275-286, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Riemann integral, Henstock integral, $\Ff_\sg$ set, Saks-Henstock Lemma, $\ACG_*$, 26A39
Kathryn E. Hare, Saroosh Yazdani
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 287-308, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Cantor sets, quasi self-similarity, dimension, multifractal spectrum, 28A80, 28A78
Richard J. Bagby
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 309-314, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Riemann integral, substitution, change-of-variable, Banach space, 26A42
Isidore Fleischer, John E. Porter
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 315-320, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Bounded variation, pointwise precompact, 26A45, 54C65, ‎54C60‎
Ireneusz Recław
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 321-324, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: universally null, universally meager, coanalitic relation, 03E15, 28A05
Anima Nagar
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 325-334, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Topologically transitive maps, critical points, critical values, invariant set, 54H20‎
G. A. Edgar, Chris Miller
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 335-340, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hausdorff dimension, analytic sets, Borel subrings, Real Closed Fields, 28A05, 28A78, 03C64, 03E15, 12L12
G. D. Dikshit
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 341-348, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Bosanquet-Linfoot method, Nevanlinna method, absolute summability of Fourier series, 42A28
Robert W. Vallin
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 349-358, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: thickness, porosity, Cantor set, sum of Cantor sets, 28A05
James Foran
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 359-362, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: space-filling, continuous, perfect set, 26A27
L. Zajíček
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 363-372, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Sets of uniqueness, sets of type $H^{(s) }$, $\sigma$-porous sets, 42A63, 28A05
Piotr Szuca
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 373-388, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Darboux functions, almost continuous functions, blocking set, Baire 1, Ces{\'a}ro-Vietoris function, maximum of functions, uniform limit, 26A15
F. S. Cater
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 389-392, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Analytic function, open mapping, Power series, 30D10, 54C10
F. S. Cater
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 393-396, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Bounded variation, derived number, derivative, 26A24, 26A45
Roy A. Mimna
Real Anal. Exchange 27 (1), 397-400, (2001/2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Devaney's chaos, sensitive dependence on initial conditions, typical continuous functions, 26A18, 54H20‎
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