VOL. 25 · NO. 2 | 1999/2000
Front Matter
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), (1999/2000) Open Access
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Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 497, (1999/2000) Open Access
No abstract available
S. Cobzaş, I. Muntean
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 501-512, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Banach-Steinhaus principle, condensation of singularities, generic divergence results for Lagrange interpolation, Fourier series, Walsh-Fourier series, 46B99, 41A65
Ivan Ginchev, Angelo Guerraggio, Matteo Rocca
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 513-520, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Peano Derivatives, $n$-convex functions, 26A24
Vasile Ene
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 521-546, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Thomson's variational measure, the condition increasing$^*$, $VB^*G$, Lusin's condition $(N)$, $F$-null sets, 26A45, 26A46, 26A24
Marcin Szyszkowski
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 547-564, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: symmetrically continuous, measurability, Baire property, 26A15
Ireneusz Recław, Piotr Zakrzewski
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 565-578, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Polish space, Fubini Property, Borel sets, \s-ideal, ccc, Primary04A15, 28A05, Secondary03E05
Krzysztof Ciesielski, Harvey Rosen
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 579-598, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: extendable functions, peripherally continuous functions, 26A15, 54A25
Martin Dindoš
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 599-616, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: relatively convergent series, Baire category, Lebesgue measure, Euclidean metric, $\ell^2$ theorem, 28A21, 54E52, 28A03, 40A05
Martin Dindoš
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 617-628, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: relatively convergent series, Baire category, porosity, Fr\`echet and Baire metric, 28A21, 40A05, 54E52, 28A05
K. J. Falconer, M. Järvenpää, P. Mattila
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 629-640, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Packing dimension, plane sections, iterated constructions, 28A12, 28A80
V. Anandam, S. I. Othman
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 641-646, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Harmonic extension, locally polar set, harmonic space, 31D05, 31C05
Zbigniew Grande
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 647-652, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Baire$^{**}_1$ property, Quasicontinuity, Darboux property, measurability, section, density topology, function of two variables, 26B05, 26A15
Joan E. Hart, Kenneth Kunen
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 653-660, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: function space, orthonormal basis, 28C15, ‎46E20‎
Elżbieta Wagner-BojakowskaWilczyński, Władysław Wilczyński
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 661-672, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: change of topology, comparison of topologies, 54A10, 26A15
Jie Xiao
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 673-678, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hardy's operator, $BMO$, reverse inequality, 42A16, 46E30, 47B38
Ján Borsík, Jozef Doboš, Miroslav Repický
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 679-690, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: quasicontinuous function, piecewise continuous function, function of the class~$\baire$, function with closed graph, 54C08, ‎54C30
Piotr Szuca
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 691-694, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Darboux functions, almost continuous functions, polygonal functions, polygonally almost continuous functions, 26A15
Aneta Tomaszewska
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 695-702, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Darboux functions, $\cal I$-a.e. continuous functions, $\sigma$-ideals, uniformly porous sets, Cantor-like sets, 26A15
Zbigniew Grande
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 703-710, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: density topology, a.e. topology, strong quasicontinuity, discrete convergence, 26A15, 26A21, 26A99
Brian S. Thomson
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 711-726, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Denjoy-Perron integral, Alexiewicz norm, 26A45, 26A39, 26A46, 26A24
Michael J. Evans, Paul D. Humke, Richard J. O'Malley
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 727-742, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Baire one, polygonal approximation, 26A15
Davide La Torre, Matteo Rocca
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 743-752, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Riemann derivatives, divided differences, Lipschitz functions, 26A24, 26A16
Francis Jordan
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 753-770, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: cardinal functions, extendable functions, connectivity functions, peripherially continuous functions, almost continuous functions, Darboux functions, 26A15, 54A25
F. S. Cater
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 771-780, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: real line, order topology, separable, second countable, 26A03, 26A15, 54A05, 54F05
F. S. Cater
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 781-786, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: sphere, length of curve, Hilbert space, 26B15, 26B30
Dumitru Popa
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 787-794, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Lagrange Formula, Darboux property, L'H\^opital's Rule, 26A24
Peng-Yee Lee, Jitan Lu
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 795-798, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Singular point; Henstock integrable function; Lebesgue integrablefunction, 26A39
Shipan Lu
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 799-808, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hausdorff dimension, Hausdorff measure, Density formula, 28A80, 26A39
James Foran
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 809-816, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: function, graph, Hausdorff measure, 26A21, 28A78
Zbigniew Grande
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 817-828, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: upper semicontinuity, decreasing sequences of functions, $B_1^*$ class, a.c. convergence, jump function, 26A15, 26A21, 26A99
B. Bongiorno, L. Di Piazza, K. Musiał
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 829-848, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: vector valued function, McShane integral, 28B05, 46G10
Robert W. Vallin
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 849-868, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: metric spaces, continuity, differentiability, 54E30, 54E35, 26A21
Wojciech Wojdowski
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 869-878, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: continuity, *-topology, Hashimoto topology, density topology, I-density topology, Wilczy\'{n}ski topology, approximately and I-approximately continuous functions, 26B05, 28A20, ‎54C30
Vilmos Prokaj
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 879-886, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: upper-semi continuous function, discrete limit, 26A03, 26A15, 26A21, 26A99
A. K. Layek
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 887-898, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: grill, $\sigma$-grill, porous, $\sigma$-porous, countable, category, measure, Baire property, 30D40
Dariusz Bugajewski
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 899-906, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Carath\'eodory conditions, Carath\'eodory solution, Initial value problem, 26B35, 34A12
Erik Talvila
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 907-918, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Henstock integral, convergence test, Stieltjes integral, 26A39, 26A42
Jean-Christophe Feauveau
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 919-930, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: McShane integral, Bochner integral, vector-valued integral, 26A39, 28B05
A. B. Kharazishvili
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 931-936, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: invariant measurable structure, the countable chain condition, nonmeasurable subgroup, Solvable group, 28A05, 28D05
Jolanta Wesołowska
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 937-942, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: sequence of functions, sets of convergence points, Baire class $\a$ functions, approximately continuous functions, 26A21, 26A03
F. S. Cater
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 943-946, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Dini derivate, derivative, strictly increasing function, 26A24, 26A48
Roy A. Mimna
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 947-954, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: asymptotically stable set, Chain recurrent set, Devaney's chaos, sensitive dependence on initial conditions, transitivity, typical continuous functions, 26A18, 54H20‎
Vasile Ene
Real Anal. Exchange 25 (2), 955-958, (1999/2000) Open Access
KEYWORDS: dominated convergence, Lebesgue measurable functions, equi-absolutely continuous integrals, 26A30
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