VOL. 59 · NO. 1 | 2015
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Publ. Mat. 59 (1), (2015) Open Access
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Y. Antolín, J. Burillo, A. Martino
Publ. Mat. 59 (1), 3-16, (2015) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Houghton group, permutation groups, conjugacy problem, 20F10, 20B99
Theresa C. Anderson, David Cruz-Uribe SFO, Kabe Moen
Publ. Mat. 59 (1), 17-43, (2015) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Calderóon-Zygmund operators, two weight inequalities, bump conditions, spaces of homogeneous type, dyadic operators, 42B25, 42B30, 42B35
Arne Stray
Publ. Mat. 59 (1), 45-54, (2015) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Blaschke products, minimal interpolation, logarithmic capacity, 30E05, 30J10
Javier Cilleruelo, Rafael Tesoro
Publ. Mat. 59 (1), 55-73, (2015) Open Access
KEYWORDS: $B_h$ sequences, Sidon sequences, probabilistic method, 11B83
M. Fernández Duque
Publ. Mat. 59 (1), 75-97, (2015) Open Access
KEYWORDS: singular foliations, reduction of singularities, resonances, 32S45, 32S65, 37F75
Rosa Camps, Xavier Mora, Laia Saumell
Publ. Mat. 59 (1), 99-136, (2015) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Preferential voting, paired comparisons, continuous rating, majority principles, Condorcet-Smith principle, clone consistency, one-dimensional scaling, Zermelo's method of strengths, Luce's choice model, 05C20‎, 91B12, 91B14, 91C15, 91C20
Fernando Muro, Andrew Tonks, Malte Witte
Publ. Mat. 59 (1), 137-233, (2015) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Determinant functor, ‎K-theory, exact category, Waldhausen category, triangulated category, Grothendieck derivator, 19A99, 19B99, 18F25, 18G50, 18G55, 18E10, 18E30
Feng Rong
Publ. Mat. 59 (1), 235-243, (2015) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Attracting domains, degenerate characteristic directions, holomorphic maps tangent to the identity, 32H50
Alex Amenta, Mikko Kemppainen
Publ. Mat. 59 (1), 245-270, (2015) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Local tent spaces, weighted measures, admissible balls, atoms, 42B35, 58J60
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