VOL. 53 · NO. 2 | 2009
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Publ. Mat. 53 (2), (2009) Open Access
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Ryszard Mazurek, Michał Ziembowski
Publ. Mat. 53 (2), 257-271, (2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Skew power series ring, right Bézout ring, right distributive ring, right duo ring, 16W60, 16D50, 16E50
Nadine Badr, Emmanuel Russ
Publ. Mat. 53 (2), 273-328, (2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Graphs, discrete Laplacian, Riesz transforms, Littlewood-Paley inequalities, Sobolev Spaces, interpolation, 60J10, 42B20, 42B25
A. El Kacimi, R. Parthasarathy
Publ. Mat. 53 (2), 329-354, (2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Cantor minimal system, Bratteli diagram, substitutional system, 37B10, 54H20‎
S. Antontsev, S. Shmarev
Publ. Mat. 53 (2), 355-399, (2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: nonlinear parabolic equation, nonstandard growth conditions, anisotropic nonlinearity, 35K55, 35K65
Anthony G. O’Farrell, Ian Short
Publ. Mat. 53 (2), 401-415, (2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: diffeomorphism, reversible, involution, conjugacy, 37C05, 37E05, 37C15
Hyun-Kyoung Kwon, Sergei Treil
Publ. Mat. 53 (2), 417-438, (2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: similarity, curvature of the eigenvector bundle, backward shift, Carleson measure, reproducing kernel, 47A99, 47B32, 30D55, 53C55
L. S. Kazarin, A. Martínez-Pastor, M. D. Pérez-Ramos
Publ. Mat. 53 (2), 439-456, (2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Products of groups, $\pi$-decomposable groups, Hall subgroups, 20D20, 20D40
Salahaddine Boutayeb
Publ. Mat. 53 (2), 457-479, (2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: heat kernel, Hölder inequalities, 58J35, 47D07, 46E35
Eric Amar
Publ. Mat. 53 (2), 481-488, (2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Interpolating sequence, Hardy space, Carleson measure, 32A35‎, 42B30
François Gautero, Michael Heusener
Publ. Mat. 53 (2), 489-514, (2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Relative hyperbolicity, $\ell_{\infty}$-cohomology, combination theorem, 20F65, 20F67
Jean-François Lafont
Publ. Mat. 53 (2), 515-525, (2009) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Jordan separation, Alexander duality, codimension one taming, 57N99, 55M05, 57N45
Publ. Mat. 53 (2), (2009) Open Access
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