VOL. 180 | 2005
Dan Popovici
Nagoya Math. J. 180, 1-34, (2005)
KEYWORDS: 53C55, 53C07, 32A10‎, 32U05
F. Laytimi, W. Nahm
Nagoya Math. J. 180, 35-43, (2005)
N. Bokan, P. Matzeu, Z. Rakić
Nagoya Math. J. 180, 45-76, (2005)
KEYWORDS: holonomy group, Grassmann manifold, normalization, torsion-free connection, action of a group, irreducible representation, 53C30, 22E45
Der-Chen Chang, Stevo Stević
Nagoya Math. J. 180, 77-90, (2005)
KEYWORDS: ‎weighted Bergman space, polydisk, Cesàro operator, 47B38, ‎46E15
Pham Ngoc Mai, Do Duc Thai, Pham Nguyen Thu Trang
Nagoya Math. J. 180, 91-110, (2005)
KEYWORDS: holomorphically normal family, meromorphically normal family, quasi-normal family, 32A10‎, 32C10, 32H20, 32A17, 54C20, 54D35, 54C05
Hiroshi Sato
Nagoya Math. J. 180, 111-120, (2005)
KEYWORDS: toric varieties, Mori theory, minimal model program, 14M25, 14E30
Peter Pflug, Włodzimierz Zwonek
Nagoya Math. J. 180, 121-133, (2005)
KEYWORDS: 32A07, 32F45, 32A25, 32U35, 30C85
Katsuya Kojo
Nagoya Math. J. 180, 135-149, (2005)
KEYWORDS: symmetric stable, 1-dimensional projection, 60E07
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