VOL. 15 · NO. 3 | September 2008
Front Matter
Methods Appl. Anal. 15 (3), i-ii, (September 2008) Open Access
No abstract available
D. Castorina, P. Esposito, B. Sciunzi
Methods Appl. Anal. 15 (3), 277-284, (September 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: 35B05, 35B65, 35J70
No abstract available
Changfeng Gui, Feng Zhou
Methods Appl. Anal. 15 (3), 285-296, (September 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Bessel function, Allen-Cahn equations and thin-film equations, ‎oscillation‎, 35B45, 35J60, 35B05
No abstract available
A. E. Lindsay, M. J. Ward
Methods Appl. Anal. 15 (3), 297-326, (September 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Nonlinear eigenvalue problem, fold point, matched asymptotic expansions, boundary layer, shooting, psuedo-arclength continuation, 34E05, 35B25, 35B32
No abstract available
J. Regan Beckham, John A. Pelesko
Methods Appl. Anal. 15 (3), 327-340, (September 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: MEMS, microelectromechanical system, Lie symmetry, semi-linear elliptic equation, 34, 74
Pierpaolo Esposito, Nassif Ghoussoub
Methods Appl. Anal. 15 (3), 341-354, (September 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: MEMS, stable solutions, quenching branch, 35J60, 35B32, 35D10, 35J20
Craig Cowan, Nassif Ghoussoub
Methods Appl. Anal. 15 (3), 355-360, (September 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Extremal solution, regularity, 35J60, 35B32, 35D10, 35J20
No abstract available
Nassif Ghoussoub, Yujin Guo
Methods Appl. Anal. 15 (3), 361-376, (September 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Electrostatic MEMS, quenching time, quenching set, 35K05, 35K55
No abstract available
Zongming Guo, Juncheng Wei
Methods Appl. Anal. 15 (3), 377-390, (September 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Point ruptures, singularity, 35B35, 35B40, 35J60
No abstract available
Yuxia Guo, Juncheng Wei
Methods Appl. Anal. 15 (3), 391-404, (September 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: positive solution, finite Morse index, singular nonlinearity, 35B45, 35J25
No abstract available
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