Accepted Papers
The following papers have been accepted for publication in the Kyoto Journal Of Mathematics (KJM). Volume, issue, and DOI assignment will be made soon.

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A relation between higher-rank PT stable objects and quotients of coherent sheaves
Jason Lo
On uniform flag bundles on Fano manifolds
Roberto Muñoz, Gianluca Occhetta, Luis E. Solá Conde
Second Bounded Cohomology and WWPD
Michael Handel, Lee Mosher
Adelic Cartier divisors with base conditions and the continuity of volumes
Hideaki Ikoma
Projective representations and spin characters of complex reflection groups $G(m,p,n)$ and $G(m,p,\infty)$, III
Akihito Hora, Takeshi Hirai
A Cartan decomposition for a reductive real spherical homogeneous space
Yuichiro Tanaka
Index theory on the Miščenko bundle
Jens Kaad, Valerio Proietti
Nonhomogeneous central Morrey-type spaces in $L^{p(\cdot)}$ and weak estimates for the maximal and Riesz potential operators
Katsuo Matsuoka, Yoshihiro Mizuta, Tetsu Shimomura
Explicit constructions of quilts with seam condition coming from symplectic reduction
Nathaniel Bottman
Terminal toric Fano three-folds with certain numerical conditions
Hiroshi Sato, Ryota Sumiyoshi
Explicit inner-product formulas and Bessel period formulas for HST lifts
Kenichi Namikawa
The absolute anabelian geometry of quasitripods
Yuichiro Hoshi
Counting multiplicities in a hypersurface over a finite field
Chunhui Liu
Coarse embeddings into products of trees
Daniel Kasprowski
A remark on the paper ``Vector-valued operators with singular kernel and Triebel–Lizorkin block spaces with variable exponents" by Kwok Pun Ho
Naoya Hatano, Toru Nogayama, Yoshihiro Sawano
Adelic geometry on arithmetic surfaces, I: Idelic and adelic interpretation of the Deligne pairing
Paolo Dolce
Candidate for the crystal $B(-\infty)$ for the queer Lie superalgebra
Ben Salisbury, Travis Scrimshaw
The Łojasiewicz exponent of weighted homogeneous polynomials at infinity
Grzegorz Oleksik
Characterization of the ${L}^{p}$ range of a generalized Poisson transform of the hyperbolic space $B({\mathbb{H}}^{n})$
Imane Ghanimi
The saturation number of c-bounded stable monomial ideals and their powers
Guangjun Zhu, Reza Abdolmaleki, Jürgen Herzog
Stability conditions on morphisms in a category
Kotaro Kawatani
The Bestvina–Edwards theorem and the Hilbert–Smith conjecture
Alexandru Chirvasitu, Ludwik Dąbrowski, Mariusz Tobolski
Graded decompositions of fusion products in rank two
Leon Barth, Deniz Kus
Semigroups in 3-graded Lie groups and endomorphisms of standard subspaces
Karl-Hermann Neeb
Polyhedral products over finite posets
Daisuke Kishimoto, Ran Levi
The bijectivity of mirror functors on tori
Kazushi Kobayashi
Derived equivalence and fibrations over curves and surfaces
Luigi Lombardi
Constructions of exotic action on products of manifolds with an asymmetric factor
Zbigniew Błaszczyk, Marek Kaluba
Character formulas in category $\mathcal{O}$ for exceptional Lie superalgebra $G(3)$
Shun-Jen Cheng, Weiqiang Wang
Regularity of symbolic powers of edge ideals of chordal graphs
S. A. Seyed Fakhari
A formula on Stirling numbers of the second kind and its application to the unstable $K$-theory of stunted complex projective spaces
Osamu Nishimura
Duality for local fields and sheaves on the category of fields
Takashi Suzuki
Generating linear categories of partitions
Daniel Gromada, Moritz Weber
Cohen–Macaulay noetherian algebras
Abdolnaser Bahlekeh, Shokrollah Salarian, Zahra Toosi
The R-matrix of the quantum toroidal algebra
Andrei Neguţ
$A_\mathfrak{q}$-components of geometric classes in compact Hermitian locally symmetric spaces
Arghya Mondal
Sur une conjecture de Gruson Lazarsfeld Peskine
Jean D'Almeida
On the period of Lehn, Lehn, Sorger, and van Straten's symplectic eightfold
Nicolas Addington, Franco Giovenzana
Quasi-Lie bialgebras of loops in quasi-surfaces
Vladimir Turaev
The adjoint algebra for $2$-categories
Noelia Bortolussi, Martín Mombelli
Seifert form of chain type invertible singularities
Umut Varolgunes
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