VOL. 3 · NO. 3 | FALL 2011
Front Matter
J. Commut. Algebra 3 (3), (FALL 2011) Open Access
No abstract available
W. Edwin Clark, Tom Mckinley, Boris Shekhtman
J. Commut. Algebra 3 (3), 295-300, (FALL 2011) DOI: 10.1216/JCA-2011-3-3-295 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Ideal complement, radical ideal, zero-dimensional ideal, 13A15, 13E10, 41A05, 41A63
No abstract available
P.V. Danchev, B. Goldsmith
J. Commut. Algebra 3 (3), 301-319, (FALL 2011) DOI: 10.1216/JCA-2011-3-3-301 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Abelian p -groups, fully invariant subgroups, characteristic subgroups, transitive, fully transitive, Krylov transitive and weakly transitive groups, socle-regular and strongly socle-regular groups, 20K10, 20K12
No abstract available
Rüdiger Göbel, Katrin Leistner, Peter Loth, Lutz Strüngmann
J. Commut. Algebra 3 (3), 321-348, (FALL 2011) DOI: 10.1216/JCA-2011-3-3-321 Open Access
KEYWORDS: 03C52, 03C60, 13C05, 03E10, 20K21, 20K25, 20K35
No abstract available
Mathias Lederer
J. Commut. Algebra 3 (3), 349-404, (FALL 2011) DOI: 10.1216/JCA-2011-3-3-349 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hilbert scheme of points, Gröbner bases, standard sets, locally closed strata, 14C05, 13F20, 13P10
No abstract available
Giancarlo Rinaldo, Naoki Terai, Ken-Ichi Yoshida
J. Commut. Algebra 3 (3), 405-430, (FALL 2011) DOI: 10.1216/JCA-2011-3-3-405 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Stanley-Reisner ideal, Gorenstein ring, Cohen-Macaulay ring, Buchsbaum ring, complete intersection ring, symbolic power, cross polytope, linkage, 13F55, 13H10
No abstract available
Moshe Roitman
J. Commut. Algebra 3 (3), 431-438, (FALL 2011) DOI: 10.1216/JCA-2011-3-3-431 Open Access
No abstract available
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