VOL. 74 · NO. 2 | August 2006
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Internat. Statist. Rev. 74 (2), (August 2006) Open Access
Internat. Statist. Rev. 74 (2), (August 2006) Open Access
Victor M. Estevao, Carl-Erik Särndal
Internat. Statist. Rev. 74 (2), 127-147, (August 2006)
KEYWORDS: Official statistics production, administrative registers, calibrated weights, design-based inference, automated linearization, integrated weighting, ecological fallacy, domains of interest, two-stage sampling, two-phase sampling
Salvatore Bertino
Internat. Statist. Rev. 74 (2), 149-159, (August 2006)
KEYWORDS: Representativeness function, Parameter estimation, test of hypotheses, Prediction distribution, Cramér-von Mises statistic, model choice
Simon L. Davies, Andrew A. Neath, Joseph E. Cavanaugh
Internat. Statist. Rev. 74 (2), 161-168, (August 2006)
KEYWORDS: AICc, Gauss discrepancy, Kullback-Leibler discrepancy, MC_p, model selection criteria
C. Radhakrishna Rao
Internat. Statist. Rev. 74 (2), 169-185, (August 2006)
KEYWORDS: Cauchy-Schwarz inequality, Fisher information, Kronecker product, Milne's inequality, Parallel sum of matrices, Schur product
Karl Gustafson
Internat. Statist. Rev. 74 (2), 187-202, (August 2006)
KEYWORDS: Operator trigonometry, Antieigenvalue, Antieigenvector, Parameter estimation, Watson statistical efficiency, Canonical correlation, Rayleigh-Ritz theory
Edna A. Reis, Esther Salazar, Dani Gamerman
Internat. Statist. Rev. 74 (2), 203-214, (August 2006)
KEYWORDS: Bayesian inference, blocking, MCMC, reparameterization, state space
Ana Debón, Francisco Montes, Ramón Sala
Internat. Statist. Rev. 74 (2), 215-233, (August 2006)
KEYWORDS: GAM, kernel smoothing, Life tables, LOESS, splines
Kenneth W. Clements, Izan H.Y. Izan, E. Antony Selvanathan
Internat. Statist. Rev. 74 (2), 235-270, (August 2006)
KEYWORDS: Index numbers, Stochastic approach, Measurement of inflation
Leon Willenborg, Ardo van den Hout
Internat. Statist. Rev. 74 (2), 271-284, (August 2006)
KEYWORDS: Statistical disclosure control, Microdata, Micro-edits, consistency, data transformation
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