VOL. 14 · NO. 1 | 2012
S. K. Roushon
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 1-17, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Group action on trees, graph of groups, fibered isomorphism conjecture, $L$-theory, surgery group, 19G24, 19J25, 55N91
A. R. Garzón, R. Pérez
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 19-32, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Homotopy colimit, Simplicial set, Bicategory, braided monoidal category, 18D05, 18D10, 55P15, 55P48
Jeremy Brazas
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 33-63, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Covering map, groupoid, Topological fundamental group, Topological Group, 57M10, 55Q52
Atabey Kaygun
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 65-78, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Jacobi-Zariski sequence, excision, Hochschild homology, cyclic cohomology, 19D55, 18G25, 16W70, 18G40
Emmanuel D. Farjoun, Kathryn Hess
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 79-112, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: normal map, monoidal category, homotopical category, twisting structure, 18D10, 18G55, 55P35, 55U10, 55U15, 55U30, 55U35
Abdó Roig-Maranges
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 113-132, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Morphic cohomology, toric variety, descent, 14F43, 14M25
Irakli Patchkoria
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 133-158, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Derived functor, normalized chain complex, presimplicial object, projective class, projective pseudocubical resolution, pseudocubical object, 18G10, 18E25, 18G30, 18G25, 55N10
Vitaliy Kurlin
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 159-180, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: graph, Braid group, configuration space, fundamental group, homotopy type, deformation retraction, collision free motion, planning algorithm, Complexity, robotics, 57M05, 20F36, 05C25
Inna Zakharevich
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 181-202, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Scissors congruence, $K$-theory, Waldhausen category, 18F25, 13D15, 19D99, 18D05
Cheol-Hyun Cho, Sangwook Lee
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 203-220, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: A-infinity algebra, cyclic inner product, potential, 46Cxx‎, 53Dxx
Xu Liu, Zheng Xie, Dongyun Yi
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 221-238, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: data analysis, topological structure, complex network, clustering, Betti number, 11F23, 68U05, 62H30
Mikhail V. Bondarko
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 239-261, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Weight structure, motive, triangulated category, $t$-structure, 4C15, 18E30, 19E15, 14C30, 14K05
Boris Chorny, Jiří Rosický
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 263-280, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Class-cofibrantly generated, model category, Localization, 18G55, 55P60
Yuki Kato
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 281-285, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: algebraic cycles, higher Chow groups, algebraic $K$-theory, 19E15, 14F42, 14C25
Julia E. Bergner
Homology Homotopy Appl. 14 (1), 287-291, (2012) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Segal category, Segal monoid, complete Segal space, monoid with involution, 55U35, 18G30, 18E35
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