VOL. 42 · NO. 2 | July 2012
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Hiroshima Math. J. 42 (2), (July 2012)
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Kiyoki Tanaka
Hiroshima Math. J. 42 (2), 143-160, (July 2012) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1345467067
KEYWORDS: harmonic Bergman space, atomic decomposition, 31B10, ‎32A36‎
Kazuto Takao
Hiroshima Math. J. 42 (2), 161-168, (July 2012) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1345467068
KEYWORDS: knot distance, bridge position, 57M25, 57N10
Chaohui Zhang
Hiroshima Math. J. 42 (2), 169-187, (July 2012) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1345467069
KEYWORDS: Riemann surfaces, absolutely extremal Teichmüller maps, hyperbolic mapping classes, Dehn twists, Teichmüller disks, Bers fiber spaces, 32G15, 30C60, 30F60
Kunihiko Taniguchi
Hiroshima Math. J. 42 (2), 189-208, (July 2012) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1345467070
KEYWORDS: Lotka-Volterra systems, nonautonomous system, competition system, permanence, 34D05, 92D25
Masashi Hyodo, Takayuki Yamada, Tetsuo Himeno, Takashi Seo
Hiroshima Math. J. 42 (2), 209-231, (July 2012) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1345467071
KEYWORDS: asymptotic approximations, expected probability of misclassification, linear discriminant function, 62H30, 62H12, 62E20
Wenchang Chu, Nadia N. Li
Hiroshima Math. J. 42 (2), 233-252, (July 2012) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1345467072
KEYWORDS: Basic hypergeometric series, $q$-Kampé de Fériet series, The Sears transformation, Watson's $q$-Whipple transformation, $q$-Pfaff--Saalschütz summation theorem, 33D15, 05A15
Satoru Goto, Yutaka Hemmi, Kazushi Komatsu, Jun Yagi
Hiroshima Math. J. 42 (2), 253-266, (July 2012) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1345467073
KEYWORDS: configuration space, Morse function, molecular structure, 52C99, 57M50, 58E05, 92E10
Takefumi Igarashi, Noriaki Umeda
Hiroshima Math. J. 42 (2), 267-291, (July 2012) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1345467074
KEYWORDS: Reaction-diffusion, global existence, inhomogeneous term, cone, 35K45, 35K57
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