VOL. 39 · NO. 2 | July 2009
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Hiroshima Math. J. 39 (2), (July 2009) Open Access
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Chao Meng
Hiroshima Math. J. 39 (2), 163-179, (July 2009) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1249046335 Open Access
KEYWORDS: uniqueness, meromorphic function, Differential polynomials, 30D35
Haruyoshi Tanaka
Hiroshima Math. J. 39 (2), 181-205, (July 2009) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1249046336 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Ruelle operator, Ruelle-Perron-Frobenius Theorem, symbolic dynamics, 37B10, 37C30
Hiroyuki Aoyama
Hiroshima Math. J. 39 (2), 207-216, (July 2009) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1249046337 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Generalized Lebesgue space, ‎variable exponent, martingale, Doob's inequality, 46E30, 60G42
Ron Evans, John Greene
Hiroshima Math. J. 39 (2), 217-235, (July 2009) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1249046338 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hypergeometric functions over finite fields, Gauss sums, Jacobi sums, Davenport--Hasse formulas, lifted characters, Stickelberger's congruence, 11T24, 11L05, 33C20
Eisuke Imamura, Kiyosato Okamoto, Michiroh Tsukamoto, Atsushi Yamamori
Hiroshima Math. J. 39 (2), 237-275, (July 2009) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1249046339 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Harmonic analysis on Symmetric spaces,, Lie group representations, Poisson-Cauchy transforms on classical domains, Eigenvalues of Laplacians, 43A85, 32M15, 32A26, 22E46
Belmesnaoui Aqzzouz, Hassan M. El Alj
Hiroshima Math. J. 39 (2), 277-292, (July 2009) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1249046340 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Quotient bornological space, holomorphic function, 46M05, 46T25, 46MXX
Satoru Kadowaki, Sanpei Kageyama
Hiroshima Math. J. 39 (2), 293-326, (July 2009) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1249046341 Open Access
KEYWORDS: affine $\alpha$-resolvability, $\alpha$-resolvability, affine plane, difference scheme, BIB design, PBIB design, GD design, L${}_2$ design, 05B05, 62K10, 51E15
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