VOL. 38 · NO. 1 | March 2008
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Hiroshima Math. J. 38 (1), (March 2008)
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Zhiting Xu
Hiroshima Math. J. 38 (1), 1-17, (March 2008) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1207580341
KEYWORDS: ‎oscillation‎, averaging technique, elliptic differential equation, second order, 35B05, 35J60, 34C10
R. Parvatham, S. Ponnusamy, S. K. Sahoo
Hiroshima Math. J. 38 (1), 19-29, (March 2008) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1207580342
KEYWORDS: Bernardi transform, Univalent, starlike and convex functions, hypergeometric function, 30C45, 30C55, 33C05
A. Gaur, A. K. Maloo
Hiroshima Math. J. 38 (1), 31-35, (March 2008) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1207580343
KEYWORDS: graded rings, maximally differential ideals, 13A02, 13N15
I. Bajunaid, J. M. Cohen, F. Colonna, D. Singman
Hiroshima Math. J. 38 (1), 37-50, (March 2008) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1207580344
KEYWORDS: harmonic space, superharmonic, flux, 31D05, 31A05
F. Maeda
Hiroshima Math. J. 38 (1), 51-93, (March 2008) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1207580345
KEYWORDS: quasi-linear equation, renormalized solution, Dirichlet problem, general measure data, 35J65, 31C45
Y. Kagei
Hiroshima Math. J. 38 (1), 95-124, (March 2008) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1207580346
KEYWORDS: compressible Navier-Stokes equation, asymptotic behavior, infinite layer, 35Q30, 76N15
S. Watanabe
Hiroshima Math. J. 38 (1), 125-134, (March 2008) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1207580347
KEYWORDS: Galois point, genus, quartic curve, 14H45, 14H05
T. Naito, P. H. A. Ngoc, J. S. Shin
Hiroshima Math. J. 38 (1), 135-154, (March 2008) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1207580348
KEYWORDS: Periodic linear difference equation, Floquet representation of solution, bounded solution, periodic solution, asymptotic behavior of solution, index of growth order, 39A10, 39A11
T. Lukkari
Hiroshima Math. J. 38 (1), 155-176, (March 2008) DOI: 10.32917/hmj/1207580349
KEYWORDS: nonstandard growth, measure data, superharmonic functions, 35J70, 35D05, 31C45
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