VOL. 48 · NO. 1 | March 2013
E.M. Elsayed
Funct. Approx. Comment. Math. 48 (1), 7-17, (March 2013) DOI: 10.7169/facm/2013.48.1.1 Open Access
KEYWORDS: difference equations, recursive sequences, stability, periodic solution, 39A10
Kundle Adegoke
Funct. Approx. Comment. Math. 48 (1), 19-27, (March 2013) DOI: 10.7169/facm/2013.48.1.2 Open Access
KEYWORDS: BBP type formulas, digit extraction formulas, polylogarithm constants, 11Y60, 30B99
Robert Osburn, Brundaban Sahu
Funct. Approx. Comment. Math. 48 (1), 29-36, (March 2013) DOI: 10.7169/facm/2013.48.1.3 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Domb numbers, supercongruences, 11A07, 11F11
Siniša Slijepčević
Funct. Approx. Comment. Math. 48 (1), 37-50, (March 2013) DOI: 10.7169/facm/2013.48.1.4 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Sárközy theorem, recurrence, primes, difference sets, positive definiteness, van der Corput property, Fourier analysis, 11P99, 37A45
Mujahid Abbas, Ismat Beg
Funct. Approx. Comment. Math. 48 (1), 51-59, (March 2013) DOI: 10.7169/facm/2013.48.1.5 Open Access
KEYWORDS: fixed point, Lipschitzian mapping, involution, weakly contractive mappings, 47H09, 47H10, 54H25
Karin Halupczok, Benjamin Suger
Funct. Approx. Comment. Math. 48 (1), 61-90, (March 2013) DOI: 10.7169/facm/2013.48.1.6 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Möbius function, Mertens' function, GRH, 11N37, 11M06, 11M36
Matilde N. Lalín, Mathew D. Rogers
Funct. Approx. Comment. Math. 48 (1), 91-111, (March 2013) DOI: 10.7169/facm/2013.48.1.7 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Ramanujan polynomials, Riemann zeta function values, reciprocal polynomials, roots on the unit circle, Bernoulli numbers, Euler numbers., 26C10, 11B68
Wiesław Żelazko
Funct. Approx. Comment. Math. 48 (1), 113-115, (March 2013) DOI: 10.7169/facm/2013.48.1.8 Open Access
KEYWORDS: commutative Banach algebras, dense subideals, the first uncountable ordinal, 46J20
John Bentin
Funct. Approx. Comment. Math. 48 (1), 117-122, (March 2013) DOI: 10.7169/facm/2013.48.1.9 Open Access
KEYWORDS: bounded real sequence, separation, optimization, 11B05, 11B39, 11B83
Yingchun Cai
Funct. Approx. Comment. Math. 48 (1), 123-131, (March 2013) DOI: 10.7169/facm/2013.48.1.10 Open Access
KEYWORDS: prime, sieve, mean value theorem, 11N36, 11P32
Pieter Moree
Funct. Approx. Comment. Math. 48 (1), 133-145, (March 2013) DOI: 10.7169/facm/2013.48.1.11 Open Access
KEYWORDS: near-primitive root, Density, Euler product, 11A07, 11R45
Wun-Seng Chou, Javier Gomez-Calderon, Gary L. Mullen, Daniel Panario, David Thomson
Funct. Approx. Comment. Math. 48 (1), 147-165, (March 2013) DOI: 10.7169/facm/2013.48.1.12 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Dickson polynomial, linearized polynomial, power polynomial, value set, permutation polynomial, König-Rados Theorem, 11T06, 12F99
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