VOL. 21 · NO. 3 | 2012
Jack Fearnley, Hershy Kisilevsky
Experiment. Math. 21 (3), 213-222, (2012)
KEYWORDS: Elliptic curves, $L$-functions, 11G05, 11G40, 11Y40
Gert Almkvist, Jesús Guillera
Experiment. Math. 21 (3), 223-234, (2012)
KEYWORDS: Ramanujan-like series for $1/\pi^2$, hpergeometric series, Calabi–Yau differential equations, mirror map, Yukawa coupling, Gromov–Witten potential, 33C20, 14J32
J örn Steuding, Elias Wegert
Experiment. Math. 21 (3), 235-240, (2012)
KEYWORDS: Riemann zeta function, value distribution, arithmetic progression, 11M06
Stavros Garoufalidis, Christoph Koutschan
Experiment. Math. 21 (3), 241-251, (2012)
KEYWORDS: colored Jones polynomial, knots, pretzel knots, noncommutative A-polynomial, $q$-holonomic sequences, recurrence ideal, quantum topology, Volume conjecture, Kashaev invariant, 57N10, 57M25
Luis D. García-Puente, Nickolas Hein, Christopher Hillar, Abraham Martín del Campo, James Ruffo, Frank Sottile, Zach Teitler
Experiment. Math. 21 (3), 252-265, (2012)
KEYWORDS: Schubert calculus, Shapiro conjecture, Grassmannian, 14M25, 14P99
Takahiro Hayata, Takayuki Oda, Tomoki Yatougo
Experiment. Math. 21 (3), 266-279, (2012)
KEYWORDS: Siegel modular group, Siegel upper half-space, Fundamental domain, reduction theory, 11F46, 11F06
Milena Hering, Diane Maclagan
Experiment. Math. 21 (3), 280-297, (2012)
KEYWORDS: Hilbert schemes, torus actions, Gröbner bases, 14C05, 13F20, 13P10
Nathan Barker, Nigel Boston, Ben Fairbairn
Experiment. Math. 21 (3), 298-306, (2012)
KEYWORDS: Beauville structure, Beauville group, $p$-groups, Beauville surface, 14J29, 20D15, 20E34, 30F10
Matthew W. Alderson, Michael O. Rubinstein
Experiment. Math. 21 (3), 307-328, (2012)
KEYWORDS: Moments of $L (1/2, \chi_d)$, 11M06
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