VOL. 19 · NO. 2 | 2010
Experiment. Math. 19 (2), (2010) Open Access
No abstract available
Moira Chas, Anthony Phillips
Experiment. Math. 19 (2), 129-148, (2010) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Punctured torus, free homotopy classes of curves, Self-intersection, 57M05, 57N50, 30F99
Jack Fearnley, Hershy Kisilevsky
Experiment. Math. 19 (2), 149-160, (2010) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Elliptic curves, $L$-functions, 11G05, 11G40, 11Y40
Hossein Movasati, Stefan Reiter
Experiment. Math. 19 (2), 161-173, (2010) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Painlevé sixth equation, Okamoto transformation, Monodromy, convolution, 34M55, 35Q53
Hans D. Mittelmann, Frank Vallentin
Experiment. Math. 19 (2), 174-178, (2010) Open Access
KEYWORDS: kissing number, semidefinite programming, average theta series, extremal modular form, 11F11, 52C17, 90C10
Andreas-Stephan Elsenhans, Jörg Jahnel
Experiment. Math. 19 (2), 181-193, (2010) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Diagonal cubic surface, Diophantine equation, smallest solution, naive height, E. Peyre's Tamagawa-type number, 11G35, 11G50, 11G40
Daniel Delbourgo, Thomas Ward
Experiment. Math. 19 (2), 195-210, (2010) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Iwasawa theory, Complex Multiplication, elliptic cures, ‎K-theory, $L$-functions, 11R23, 11G40, 19B28
Damian Heard, Craig Hodgson, Bruno Martelli, Carlo Petronio
Experiment. Math. 19 (2), 211-236, (2010) Open Access
KEYWORDS: hyperbolic 3-manifolds, knotted graphs, Complexity, 57M50, 57M27, 05C30, 57M20
Alireza Sarveniazi, Stefan Wiedmann
Experiment. Math. 19 (2), 237-242, (2010) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Ramanujan-Hypergraph, building, 11B75, 11F72, 11R58, 20F65
Sebastian Mayer
Experiment. Math. 19 (2), 243-256, (2010) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hilbert modular forms, Borcherds products, 11F41
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